Does It Get Any Better Than BREAD SOUP?

Bread soup brings all the Elysse to the yard.

(The reflection on the side of the bowl looks like a big smile. Coincidence? I think NOT.)

Every time I go to Tender Greens, I waffle over whether or not to try the roasted Roma tomato bread soup. I mean, I definitely know I WANT to try it. Tomatoes, soup, bread? Check, check, check– sounds amazing. I’m just like, do I really NEED to add a big soup to my big salad order?

On Wednesday night I finally WENT FOR IT. Man oh man, was that a good call. The soup was a really nice consistency and was super-delicious and tomato-y. And there were plenty of chunks of bread within, perfectly saturated. Not too soggy. Just soggy enough, in a French onion-esque way.

If I ruled the world, every soup would be bread soup. (I generally DO dip bread or crackers into my broths.)

The green stuff on the top is… basil oil? Some sort of oil. At first I wanted to remove the oil, but I didn’t have anywhere to put it. So I became one with the oil. Er, it became one with me, because it went into my stomach.

Wanna see the bread? I don’t care what you want, I’m going to show it to you anyway.

From the depths of my soup...

I tried to get Bea to share the soup, but she pretty much left it to me. (As she did with the sweet tea, later that night.) What an enabler! Haha. But she agreed that it was delicious. (And I was a jerk, because I ate all the bread before I let her have a taste.)

It’s a good thing the soup was awesome, because my Chipotle BBQ Chicken salad was not nearly as good as it was last time.

You've changed. I don't know if I can trust you anymore.

Speaking of salads, another round of Souplantation is scheduled for tonight. They’re following me (the real me) on Twitter, as of this morning. And tweeting at me. That’s when you know… you’re a Souplantation addict.

I’ll tweet the lemon cupcake separately, because this post is focused on BREAD SOUP. (And has enough pictures already.)

Since autumn weather is seemingly upon us, I’m guessing that I’ll be having this delight again soon. With a small salad, because this soup shouldn’t be put in a corner. It’s the STAR.


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