The Daily Sandwich: Classic Falafel (Yalla Truck)

Love the design.

My life is filling up with pita! YES. How much do I love it when falafel drives up to my door?

Before I continue with a description of the food, let me show you another angle of the Yalla Truck. Seriously, this truck. It’s a sight to behold.


You probably can’t read that, but it says, “SERVING FALAFEL AND LOVE. But mostly falafel.” I feel the love. I am in an open relationship on Facebook with the Yalla branding. (As in, marketing… I don’t want to be branded with the Yalla bread-brander.)

I’m pretty sure that Yalla (maybe spelled differently… like ya la?) means “hurry up” in Arabic. Just something I picked up in my travels… to my high school bestie Karen’s house (she’s Egyptian). (I also learned that sounds-like “ariyen” means naked, as in, “There’s no way you’re going out in that ariyen blouse.”)


I got the Classic Yalla Falafel, which is vegan– for all you vegans. (I was vegan once, for two months. Kind of a long story.) Here are the ingredients, according to their Facebook page: “Falafel balls, red cabbage salad, tomato/ cucumber salad, onion salad, lettuce, pickled turnips. Sandwich dressed with tahini sauce (sesame sauce with garlic and lemon).” I added hummus, for a dollar. (VERY good call, I think.) Total price: $5. A bargain.

Let’s take a look!

Lookin' good.

I included the business card with the publicity picture. You can see that the difference between the fantasy and the reality is the pita bread, which (sadly) is not branded with the logo. The pita bread on the card looks slightly more delicious, but the pita bread they gave me was probably healthier and tasted fine. So… I didn’t hold it against them.

You may remember that I wished for more veggies in yesterday’s wrap. Today my wishes came true. And they were all so deliciously dressed in whatever pickling, etc, those Yalla geniuses use… even the onion salad was eat-on-its-own delicious.

I thought the pink rectangles were beets, and I was really impressed because I usually don’t like beets. Then I figured out that they’re probably turnips? Either way, they were unique and had a little spicy kick.

Mystery veggies. A delicious mystery.

So yes, the combined veggie salads and hummus were great– but what about those amalgams of ground chickpeas and who-knows-what-else: the falafel balls themselves?

Now, whenever I order falafel, I worry that the balls (haha, get over it) are going to be really crusty and greasy, negating the potential healthfulness of the sandwich. Well, I was delighted to see that the Yalla balls were really fresh and dense/not dry– like, I’m not 100% sure whether they were fried. (If they were, it wasn’t done in the truck. The wrap was cold, in a fresh/crisp way.)

And they were green inside! Not sure how, because chickpeas are tan. But… I liked it! (And this isn’t the first time I’ve seen them like this… but I’m always surprised by it!)

I approve these balls.

I was also able to cut this in half! You know how much I love eat things one half at a time.

So… A+ for the Yalla Truck. Really filling, seemingly healthful… if you hear that they’re in your neighborhood, check ’em out! Ya la!

And I feel like my mom would like the Yalla Truck. (Which is good, because Yalla Truck and I are in an open relationship on Facebook.) (My mom would probably like the Yalla Truck to make an honest woman of me, but I’m young yet!)

There’s no better endorsement than wishing you could share a snack with your loved ones, right? (Unless you are a character in Hamlet, and you want to poison your loved ones.)

Turnips and beets!



2 thoughts on “The Daily Sandwich: Classic Falafel (Yalla Truck)

  1. Wlak cousin!!!
    It looks delicious!!
    I heard alot about it.. I even heard that it’s much better than the flafel we have in Israel!! well done!
    Can’t wait to try it… why don’t u send me some on Certified mail? 😛
    Love you, GoodLuck :***

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