Snack of the Afternoon: FROZEN YOGURT from BIG SWIRL TRUCK

You go, swirl.

As several bazillion people have pointed out, today’s date is 90210. Kinda clever. My hometown’s zip code date happened in 1961, so I totally missed out on THAT. (I don’t know if I would have noticed, since I didn’t catch this one.)

What’s the big deal? This is a ONCE IN A CENTURY occurrence. You will probably be dead when it happens again. And Beverly Hills might have a different zip code… or be underwater. Or worse… nobody will care about Beverly Hills anymore. (Beverly Hills thrives on attention.)

But who cares about anything anymore? Moving on.

This is one of the Friday-est feeling Thursdays I’ve ever encountered. I cannot convince my brain that it’s only Thursday. (And next week will be equally confusing, with the lack of a work-Monday.)

But that has nothing to do with the Snack of the Afternoon. Lately we’ve been spoiled not only by LUNCH trucks, but by a few DESSERT trucks. Today we were graced by the turquoise presence of the Big Swirl Truck. It’s basically Yogurtland on wheels.

You can buy a $3 or $5 cup and fill it as high as you want. I bought the $5 cup, but I didn’t fill it that high. I probably would have paid less by weight at a Yogurtland. Ah well. My bad. I didn’t take advantage! (And I was still quasi-full from falafel.)

While my brain continues to try to pull a Friday afternoon shutdown on me, here are some pictures…

The dispensary.

I don’t know if you can tell, but there’s a lot of sparkle going on with those spoons.

I took great interest in the toppings dispensers, which had some sort of propeller element to their design.

Not pictured: Ghirardelli chocolate sauce. Yes.

And now, for my own personal creation…


I like taking pictures in the sun… the colors look so bright and cheerful. (Those sprinkles were really crunchy.) (And that light brown yogurt is dulche de leche.)

Funny that Big Swirl likes to emphasize the BS. Whatever floats their truck.

The flavors were all yum. Maybe a hazard of having a yogurt truck in the sun, but the pistachio was kinda soupy. Still tasty, but I couldn’t take much, lest it soup up the rest of the flavors.

Having a yogurt truck right outside kinda makes me miss the days when the commissary was only a short walk away… frozen yogurt ANY day. (If I could get away from the phones.) Eh… I don’t miss it that much. There’s still plenty of yogurt in my life.

These pesky snacks and sandwiches keep popping up and forcing me to backlog my planned entries. But it’s okay. Something to do on Friday. (I might have to scale back, lest the food-blogging portion of this blog because as overwhelming as the TV-recapping portion once was.)

Cheerfully blah… (Maybe the sweet tea is finally wearing off? Haha.)



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