The Daily Sandwich: ROSEMARY’S BABY (No Reservations Truck)

Some reservations...

If you’re a very astute and loyal reader (hi, Mom), you’ll note that this is the first picture on the Binge to require a dark font. So much white around the edges! Argh.


The No Reservations truck came to our parking lot today. I checked out pictures of the food on their Facebook page and I had Some Reservations about the whole thing, but almost everybody in the office ordered (peer pressure!), and the descriptions sounded really good… in theory.

I don’t even eat lamb, but I was so intrigued by the “Silence of the Lambs” wrap (it had pomegranate red wine sauce!) that I almost ordered it. (Also… I didn’t notice until I read it on another blog that the wraps are all named after movies… in a really awkward way. “The Green Mile”? “Rosemary’s Baby”? Maybe not the best connotations!)

(No, I’m not an idiot– I definitely noticed that they were movie names, but I was thinking more of the punny element than the movie names factor.) (And the salmon wrap is called “Off the Hook.” Is that a movie?) (Why not just “Hook”? Or… “Jaws”?)

Anyway, I ordered the “Rosemary’s Baby,” even though I don’t like freaky-deaky horror movies. (I’m sorry, I know it’s a classic.) Selling points included Israeli couscous and pesto. (I had them hold the gouda.)

Aren’t there any other movies that are chicken-wrap appropriate? “Chicken Run”? (I immediately veto that– too close to “runs,” as in… intestinal ouch.)

Usually I cut my daily sandwiches on a slight diagonal and snap a picture of the lateral view, but when I cut into this wrap it became apparent that it would not cooperate. Hence the creepy coroner-esque picture at the top. Can you see my trepidation as I peel back the skin?

Eventually I found the vein of pesto, and thought it felt photo-worthy. Sorta.

Eureka, I have found it.

There was a sort of overall oiliness to this wrap, and I was not a fan. The Israeli couscous was all right, most of the chicken was not looking so hot (or tasting too hot), and even the tortilla wrap itself was sort of a funny flavor. (I drank some orange juice/ate some strawberries to get the taste out of my mouth.) Maybe this would be up someone else’s ally, but this was kinda too warm/heavy for a lunch wrap. A vegetable/greenery element might have improved this. Or… a total makeover.

BUT whatever, food trucks are a gamble.

And I still ate about half, because… it was my lunch. (And I was giving it a chance.)

In totally unrelated news, today I tried ANOTHER new hair product, and I’m having a GOOD hair day. YES. (Since I’m liking it, I can tell you that it’s classic Frizz-Ease.) (I like products that don’t feel like there’s any product in my hair.)

(I fully acknowledge that my hair might look exactly the same as it did yesterday, but I FEEL good about it today. And it’s not gunky. So… good hair day.)

AND I actually did a full back bend IN yoga class this morning (which made up for having the weirdest night’s sleep/being late to class). Unfortunately when I bend backwards to any degree in yoga at 6am, I feel rather barfulous. But I don’t ACTUALLY barf (yet), so it’s all good.

Much like a horror movie (or a wrap named after one), things have been a bit strange in my brain this week. Last night I had crazy-ass dreams and woke up every fifteen minutes thinking that HOURS had gone by and that I’d overslept, only to find out that… only minutes had gone by. When my alarm finally went off at 5:30am, I was so disoriented that I didn’t notice it… luckily I woke up 20 minutes later and rushed into action.

And then this morning post- definitely WEDNESDAY morning yoga, my brain decided that today was Thursday… and also August 31st. Even though Thursday will be September 2nd. My brain is having issues with TIME (and THINKING).

So it figures that I would order a horror movie wrap against my better judgment, on a day like today. You win some, you lose some. Yin and yang.

BUT on the bright side– my beloved DIM SUM TRUCK is (allegedly) returning next Thursday! THE SAME DAY that THE VAMPIRE DIARIES premieres! (So I’ll be back to my 8pm yoga, 9pm vampires-on-DVR routine.) Does it get much better than that? No. No, it doesn’t.

Back bends for everyone!



One thought on “The Daily Sandwich: ROSEMARY’S BABY (No Reservations Truck)

  1. Eerie coincidence that you mentioned Yin and Yang today since I wrote an email with that very same wording to your little sista today! I’ll forward it to you.
    This is one blog which gives me no pangs of hunger. I’ll pass.
    When you’re older and your brain goes haywire, you’ll just assume you’re going senile. At your age we’ll chalk it up to scitzillation.

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