Snack [Trek] of the Afternoon, 8/31/10: COOLHAUS TRUCK

Are the walls blocking the truck, or making this pic artsy?

Okay, the Coolhaus truck was here. I met the unicorn. (It even has a horn? Or a cool pink protrusion?) Some say that you should never meet your unicorns, for they will always disappoint you. I wasn’t disappointed, per se, but conditions were not ideal. (Starting with my Oregon Trail-style drinking-of-bad-water at 7:15am.)

One very cool thing about the truck is the use of decorative magnets to post both the day’s menu and pictures of famous architects. (Another cool thing is the story of the founders. It’s on the site.)

I was saddened by the lack of "dirty mint chip" today-- whatever that means.

I remember this name from my years of being an architecture student’s roommate. (Also: Corbusier.)

Koolhaas on Coolhaus.

My original dream order, based on the website, was one snickerdoodle cookie and one ginger cookie, with dirty mint chip. (I don’t know what makes it dirty, but I wanted to find out!)

Unfortunately life doesn’t always hand us dirty mint chip. By the time I got to the truck, pickings were slim. I ended up getting one snickerdoodle cookie and one chocolate chip cookie, with carrot cake ice cream. And I got co-worker Daphne her alternate: chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter. Here’s an architecturally unsound shot. (My hands are small!)

Double decker!

If you look in the bottom left corner of that picture, my cardigan kind of blends with the carpet and it looks like my hand is floating in space. I’m Thing from “The Addams Family!” (That’s why you never see my face.) (Also… that’s why my flavor descriptions are limited. I have no mouth!)

I’m sorry, these pictures are kind of blurry and sucky. I’ve been holding myself to a higher standard lately. But sometimes life doesn’t hand you super-clear pictures OR dirty mint chip. You still gotta post SOMETHING.

Eat this ad.

The ice cream sandwiches are wrapped in edible paper, which is apparently made of potato starch… something like that. I was hoping it would be made of sugar. I ate some just for the heck of it, but it tasted like… actual paper, only a bit more melt-in-your-mouth. Not my new favorite snack or anything. But interesting.

And of course the paper had an ad on it. They should print fake government secrets. Eat after reading!

My mistake was that I actually ate the big chunk of carrot cake that was in my carrot cake ice cream. I felt a little stomach-unhappy after that. (Also– Cake mixed in with ice cream, served on a cookie? Really, Elysse?) (At least there were real carrot-pieces. Vegetable to the rescue!)

Here’s a very noir shot of that situation…

Triple dessert threat.

Looks like I was eating it in jail. I ought to be locked up, for this behavior.

Actually, I put the whole thing in a bowl and ate it very conventionally. I like to try everything separately, together, etc etc. The snickerdoodle was not quite as soft as I like my cookies (though I was happy to have a reason not to eat the whole thing– especially since I ate more carrot cake than I’d bargained for), but the chocolate chip cookie was just right.

Playing with my food./Demolition.

So I had a kinda mixed experience due to multiple factors (I was also in a MOOD because I’m trying a new hair product and it gave me a BAD HAIR DAY), but I’m definitely open to revisiting this truck.

Hopefully next time they have the dirty mint chip! Or the red velvet ice cream– if it’s anything like carrot cake, I’m guessing it’s red velvet cake smooshed into vanilla ice cream. Color me intrigued. (Even though the red velvet identity crisis rages on, especially after eating a red velvet from SPRINKLES on Saturday and not feeling true love for it.) (My heart belonged to cinnamon? Never thought I’d say THAT.) (Although… I DID choose a snickerdoodle today. I feel another identity crisis coming on!)

Next time, I hope to go with Lauren! I know she’ll delight in the architect magnets… and the desserts.



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