Famous Last Words

Not again.

So the trucks that come to our office’s parking lot are listed in a Google calendar. I check it every day at lunch. Yesterday I realized that the truckage is going to continue into next month. And the Dim Sum Truck will be back! YES!

I’ve tried almost every truck I’ve WANTED to try, with one exception: The Coolhaus Truck. Delicious ice cream/cookie sandwiches inspired by architecture? Yes yes yes. Lauren and I were discussing our desire to seek out the Coolhaus truck when she was here last Sunday. (She was an architecture major, so she GETS IT.) It’s the unicorn of food trucks.

Anyway, yesterday I glanced at the updated calendar and saw that Coolhaus is coming here. TODAY. As co-worker Bryan and I were celebrating, I joked, “Nothing will stop me from getting Coolhaus! If I am over the toilet with food poisoning, I will halt my barfing to go to the truck.”

Well, guess who has a sad, burbling stomach today? (I think it’s because post-gym this morning, I drank out of a week-old water bottle that’s been sitting in my car.) (In my defense: I do it all the time…?)

Moral of the story: NEVER JOKE ABOUT ANYTHING.

But I think I’m starting to feel better. I WILL RALLY FOR COOLHAUS. (I will try.) (And I hope it’s better than Diddy Riese.)

Wish Lauren were here.



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