The Primetime Emmys Are Tonight!

Why didn't anybody tell us about this?

Another year, another Emmys telecast. Spoiler alert: I’m not going to win anything!

When I was in college I worked as a cater-waiter at the post-Emmys ball one year, two weekends in a row. (Kathy Griffin refers to that first weekend– the Creative Arts Emmys– as the “Shmemmys.”) It was a total “Party Down” experience.

I waited on a table of winning cinematographers on the Creative Arts weekend, and they let me hold one of their statues. (Emmys are heavy!) The Primetime weekend I waited on a random upstairs table, nowhere near then-host Conan O’Brien. I wasn’t even allowed to look downstairs. Sadness.

Come to think of it… I made more money per hour waiting those tables than I have at any job before or since. AND when my shift ended I was allowed to eat very fancy leftover cake, in the back kitchen. Wow. Time to examine my life choices.

Of COURSE my Emmys story is a food/cake story. That’s why this blog is about food and TV. The two are intertwined in my brain.

I wasn’t necessarily planning on watching tonight’s Emmys (isn’t “Mad Men” on?), but it sounds like there are a bunch of fun bits planned. AND I’ve been invited to watch them in a setting that involves TV-friends, food, and more birthday kudos. (Apparently I’m going to be milking this 24th birthday until I’m 30.)

So… count me in! And in case you couldn’t tell from the accompanying photo, I’m on team “Modern Family.” (Sorry “30 Rock,” but you’ve already won so many times!)



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