There's no such thing as too much salad!

Cole and I love love love to go to Souplantation, known as Sweet Tomatoes on the East Coast. (Is it heart-y because we love it, or do we love it because it’s heart-y?) It’s a great deal by LA food-price standards– about $10 for everything from salad to dessert. (And that happens to be what I took pictures of when we went last night.)

The clientele in Souplantation can be a bit strange (we once saw a whole family BLINGED out– from baby to grandma), so you never have to worry when you gossip about Hollywood people. They aren’t there! Cole and I were really excited when we read that Janeane Garofalo and Kathy Griffin used to eat together at Souplantation before they were famous. Although we eat at this lowish brow establishment, we just might be destined for greatness, too.

The cookies in the dessert area are really good, but they’re not always there. I try to check there first and grab a plateful, just in case they disappear by dessert time.

If this isn’t proof that maybe I should be a food stylist, I don’t know what is:

American as whatever-this-is.

That’s chocolate lava cake, vanilla frozen yogurt, peanuts, a cookie, and AMERICAN sprinkles. So patriotic right now. (Wrong month?)

Okay, gotta get to get ready for this secret excursion. I know now that I should wear sunscreen, and that an eating opportunity will occur at 2pm. (Lauren texted me: “We will not let you go hungry!!”)

Some other time I will have to dedicate a post to the soups of Souplantation. I have a childhood attachment to the big-noodled Chicken Noodle, but I generally eat half-bowls of every soup that sounds delicious.

Sometimes I think this blog should just be a subsidiary of This is Why You’re Fat.

Until we snack again!



One thought on “Snack Trek: SOUPLANTATION!!!

  1. OMG HOW COULD YOU GUYS GO WITHOUT ME! I feel so betrayed…cheated…rebuffed…I guess this means we’ll have to go again 😀

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