Bun Wars: Battle of the Bun (Phamish/Tao Truck)


Okay, crazy title and fighting kittens picture aside, this entry is just going to be pictures of bun, because I was lucky enough to have bun twice within the past week or so.

Bun is a Vietnamese noodle dish. I believe it’s pronounced “BOON.”

Whenever my family goes out for Vietnamese food, my dad always orders. I prep him to say pho as “FUH” and bun as “BOON,” but somehow he always ends up saying “FAUX” and “BUN.” You might call that a… PHO pas! (Get it? Get it?) (I just used it wrong.)

First up, last Thursday I had the tough decision between having Phamish‘s banh mi sandwich (again), or trying the bun. (They’re not selling pho right now… it’s too hot out or something.) You already know what I chose, or this wouldn’t be a BUN WAR.

Lemongrass Chicken Bun from Phamish.

The lemongrass chicken was delectable (same chicken from the banh mi), and to my delight I crossed paths with daikon once again. (The daikon is the white veggie on the left that looks like noodles… the actual rice noodles are under the chicken.) I probably could have stopped after I ate half, but I ended up finishing it, because… deliciousness.

The noodles were bigger than I expected– I’m used to vermicelli in bun, but these were spaghetti sized. My opinion on noodles is usually the thinner the better. (But don’t go getting all anorexic on me, noodles!) BUT in this case… size didn’t matter. I really enjoyed them.

The biggest key to success was the inclusion of the fish sauce. It really makes a bun a bun, and adds a lot of flavor/moisture.

Okay, on to the Tao Truck. (That’s not the link to the official site, because Google warns me that it’s virus-y.) After the delight of Phamish, I was craving bun again. Lo and behold– yesterday the Tao Truck rolled around, offering more Vietnamese lunchiness.

Tao Truck's bun steps up to the plate.

I was immediately excited to see thinner noodles, and disappointed by the lack of a fish sauce container. But as it turned out, the noodles seemed undercooked, and were quite dry. The chicken was… not as delicious. And the salad was more generic, less complex. One of my coworkers– who hadn’t even had the Phamish bun– expressed great disappointment in the overall package.

I forged on and ate it, but had enough left to take this delightful bowl-of-crazy-noodles picture at the end. (Usually once I start eating, I forget to take any more pictures because I’m like… foooood.)

Noodling around.

Let’s hear it for the winner (and still champion): Phamish. (One friend who saw both bun pics described Phamish’s as looking “heartier,” and that’s apt.) (Also, hearty on paper looks like it means, full of hearts. Like maybe, more worthy of love? Heart heart heart. I’m such a girl.)

If they come around again, I will have a very hard time choosing between the bun and the banh mi. But I won’t get both, because that’s too gluttonous. Even for this kid.

Snack ya later.



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