The Daily Sandwich: CHICKEN KABOB PITA WRAP (Gourmet Genie)


Another day, another sandwich from a truck gracing our parking lot with its presence. Today’s sandwich comes from Gourmet Genie. I consider this a warm-up for tomorrow’s SPITZ feast with Lauren & Cole! (Looong overdue.)

(Lauren has planned some sort of secret birthday excursion for me, and it’s going down tomorrow. The only part I’m privy to is that we’re having dinner at Spitz.) (I’m guessing it’s some sort of crafty/museum-y thing, but I think it could also be food-related… haha, then we could both blog it!) (Just committing these to paper so that if I’m right, I can say, “I guessed it!” with some sort of verification that I DID guess it.) (Though these guesses are super vague.)

Anyway, THIS pita wrap… The chicken was juicy, the whole grilled cherry tomatoes were right up my alley. I’m not so much for the Zankou-style garlic sauce. The white waxiness makes me think that it must be lethal, calorically. And the pita was a bit unsubstantial for my pita tastes.

Aw, but I hate being critical of food that was overall inoffensive. I mean, on one hand I have opinions. But on the other hand– this food is somebody’s baby! (And on the OTHER hand… I’m Tevye from FIDDLER ON THE ROOF?)

I ate your baby, Genie. Whatcha gonna do about it?



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