Pumpkin ravioli, not yet ravaged.

Last night I went to Amalfi Ristorante with Cole and our friend Crystal. She’s basically a dining genius/guru, always in possession of Groupons for amazing restaurants I’ve never tried. When she told me about Amalfi and uttered the words “pumpkin ravioli,” I said, “We need to go there, STAT!”

And go there we did.

We ate more than just pumpkin ravioli, but I put pumpkin ravioli (and the cake of the night!) in the title of this post, because it’s “snack trek,” not “meal trek.” Maybe I need to think of a new category name. Restaurant Food Glamour Shots? (If I call it Food Porn one more time, I’m worried about the creeps I’m going to attract to this pristine site.)

We ordered family style, so we all shared everything you’re about to see, plus a bread basket. (Okay… two bread baskets.)

But blah blah blah. I’m going to sit back and let the food do the talking…

First up: Bruschetta. The waiter called it BRUSH-etta, but I’ve been told that it’s BRUSK-etta. I’m always afraid to say it aloud, for fear of sounding like a rube… or a snob. (But who really cares how its pronounced? Bottom line: It’s delicious.)

Shiny shiny tomato amazingness.

Unlike every bruschetta I’ve had before, this was on some sort of Italian pita. Nice twist! And there was SO MUCH tomato topping that I had leftover, which I piled onto a piece of the bread-basket bread. I am TEAM TOMATO, so I was very happy to have a maximal amount.

Moving from a pizza-looking appetizer to ACTUAL PIZZA, here’s the Parmigiana: roasted eggplant, fresh tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella with basil and parmigiano cheese. I’m also TEAM EGGPLANT, so I was very excited about this.

Pizza a la slice.

Cole was worried that he’d be in that picture, but I aimed with precision. Haha. Seriously, I’m starting to fall in love with taking pictures of food. If writing doesn’t work out, I’m sure food photography is a very lucrative field just dying for a bunch of amateurs to flood it. (Paging Dr. Sarcasm.)

This pizza had the unfortunate distinction of being sandwiched in between my Mozza experience and PUMPKIN RAVIOLI, so it was a bit overshadowed. But it was good. The thin crust got a little soggy under the toppings after a few minutes. That’s my one note.

And then… pumpkin ravioli. Are you surprised to know that I’m also very much TEAM PUMPKIN? I knew I’d knock myself later if I didn’t get a picture of the cross-section.


(A nurse-friend who worked in NY told me that at her hospital, Code Orange meant that two surgeons were fighting violently DURING SURGERY. Over an open patient. Skeevy.)

In case you’re wondering what all that is, it’s “pumpkin-filled ravioli with braised short rib in a mascarpone sage sauce.” AKA heaven on Earth.

I was really happy that the pumpkin ravioli tasted pumpkin-y. I was afraid it would all be a ruse to attract the members of TEAM PUMPKIN. The real surprise was the deliciousness of the short ribs. They were SO TENDER. And that little ragout or whatever it’s called on top was amazing, too.

I want to eat it again, right now. Mmmmm.

After all that we were stuffed, but we had to make room for tiramisu. (I call it TEE-rah-miss-SOO, other people call it TEE-rah-MEE-soo… I don’t know what’s right.) You know what they say: There’s ALWAYS room for tiramisu. It’s one of my favorite desserts, but there are so many variations– some disappointing. This was a GOOD version.

And it was eaaasy on the eyes.


The rum-to-cake ratio was high… and perfect. Cole said it might be the best tiramisu he’s ever had.

And thanks to Groupon, I only had to cough up $10 at the end! What a steal. What a MEAL.

Whatever I have for lunch is going to pale in comparison.


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