What’s Up With These Toppings?

Yeah, about this...

Last week I went to one of those sushi-on-an-airport-carousel places, for the first time. Have I been living under a rock or what? (And it was $2/plate! That appeals to my inner cheapskate.) (Wait, my inner cheapskate is also an outer cheapskate.)

But I don’t have any pictures of that. I just have pictures from our Pinkberry dessert. As you can see, Pinkberry is currently offering watermelon and cucumber as toppings. To which I say… huh? Are those yogurt toppings? (I typo’d “yoppings,” which is the best new non-word ever.)

Don’t get me wrong– watermelon and cucumber are two of my most beloved foods. Maybe that’s why I feel a little… protective? I don’t want to see them shamed, sitting unordered at the Pinkberry.

Also, watermelon and cucumber are both… watery. I would think they’d kind of muck with the yogurt.

In general, the topping selection was weird that night. I’m a pretty diehard strawberry/kiwi/mango person at Pinkberry. Thanks to a late-night lack of supplies, somehow I ended up with this…

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

In general I’ve found that some of Pinkberry’s new toppings sound delicious in theory (animal crackers, wafer), but in practice are kind of tasteless. What up with that? (Maybe I’ve just caught them on off nights?)

I took those pictures on… Wednesday, I think… and planned on posting my WTF a lot sooner. Of course, I ended up going to Yogurtland on Sunday, and it was so hot out that I went for the tart varieties.  I went gung-ho for the fruit, and ended up making myself a hypocrite. Observe: my yogurt– with watermelon on top. (Also: How BEAUTIFUL does the fruit look? Obsessed.)

I'm eating my words... and my watermelon.

The watermelon was good. I’m not going to lie. But… it’s watermelon. It’s just good in general. I’m still not convinced that it’s an appropriate topping, but I’ll begrudgingly allow it.

I still think cucumber is a weird topping, though. I’m going to stand by that proclamation.

And just because I can– look how pastel/Easter-y the tarts look!

Pastel overload!

Those colors remind me of the Beanie Baby bunnies.

Why do we look so depressed?

I stole that picture from the internet, but I totally took an artsy (and better-than-this-one) picture of those bunnies (yeah, we owned them) during my high school photography kick. (Remember when everybody was obsessed with Beanie Babies? Circa mid-1990s?) (Ugh, some people don’t remember. We’re old now.)

Which toppings offend your sensibilities? Am I alone on this cucumber thing?



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