SURPRISE Snack of the Afternoon, 8/20/10: PURPLE BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!

Is this a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare?

As you might have guessed from today’s earlier cake post, I didn’t expect to get feted at work. We haven’t really celebrated any birthdays since I started at the new job, so I didn’t know what the protocol was.

Obviously the protocol is CAKE.

Apparently it’s tradition for the birthday person to cut into the cake (or they DIE?… maybe my office is very macabre), so I tore into this bad boy with a giant knife and served it up for everybody. And took pictures as I went. (Everyone is very tolerant of my eccentricities/blogging.) (Now watch– I’ll get fired Monday.)

But speaking of that, some people were talking about how the last BR cake at the office was a going-away cake, and I got nervous. That would be a much bigger surprise. (Bye Elysse! Don’t write!)

I thought the first post was Cake Porn (as Cole pointed out, that is a real thing– if you saw “US of Tara” this season, you saw the sitting-on-cake stuff), but this post is… well, it GOES THERE.

The co-worker who picked out this cake said it just felt like an Elysse cake, and she is spot-on. LOVE these colors. LOVE LOVE LOVE. The blue/purple-y hydrangea hue is just… yes. (And yeah, I know those are roses… they’re hydrangea-colored roses. This is America. Everything is possible.)

Blurry. This looks way better teeny-tiny.

The cake was indeed from Baskin Robbins, but it was unlike any BR cake I’ve had before. It had both vanilla and chocolate ice cream, separated by a layer of… it wasn’t cake, exactly. Maybe… dense fudge? It was kind of like tough, crispy chocolate cake.

But whatever about the insides. The outsides were sooo beautiful! (-Every Fashion Magazine Ever)

How dare they try to end this beauty?

Yes, for some reason looking at pictures of this cake makes me think of “Hair” lyrics.

And just when I thought I’d taken my best piece-of-cake picture, this came along…

I love these colors.

In case you’re wondering if the cake was REALLY from BR, what with the sort of double ice cream/unusual cake thing happening (and the exceptionally beautiful decorative work), wonder no longer.

So long, farewell, au revoir, auf wiedersehen.

Back into the freezer you go, uneaten half of cake!

(I would probably have more to say about this, if I wasn’t finishing this post the morning after a really unwise amount of drinking.) (More about that later.) (Maybe.)

Anyway– Moral of the story, thank you to my coworkers for the most gorgeous cake-surprise possible! (And I can wield a giant cake-cutting knife with the best of them.)

Of course the cake awesome, but it was really the sentiment behind it. I work for/with really nice people! And that’s like a birthday present every day of the year.



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