Snack of the Afternoon, 8/20/10: SUN-RYPE FRUIT STRIPS

The new fruit strips in my life.

I’m very particular about my fruit leathers, and a few weeks ago I realized that I missed having them in the office kitchen. (They were a staple at the old office, but were not present in the new one.)

When I requested “fruit leather” on the grocery list and these Sun-Rype Fruit Strips appeared in our coffers, I very hesitantly ripped into one. I expected to be disappointed, as I have been whenever I stray from the Stretch Island camp. (I don’t know why, but a lot of fruit leathers are gross.) (It’s possible that even the ones I like are vaguely gross.)

But lo and behold, I like these ones very much! There are three flavors: cherry, strawberry, and wildberry. And they’re all good! They don’t taste like the Stretch Island fruit leathers– maybe a little sweeter? a little less leathery?– but whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it well.

When I was in Palm Springs this past June, I had a disappointing experience with my original Stretch Islanders– I bought a few apricot-flavored ones, and they were dried out to an inedible degree. So… Sun-Rype might be the current champ?

And two other points for Sun-Rype–

-They’re based in Kelowna, British Columbia! CANADA! (I love Canada– BC in particular.) The fruit strips say “product of Canada” on the back!

-They’re made with natural fruit sugars. No added sugar. Nice!

This is not a point for either, but Sun-Rype are kinda see-through, whereas the Stretch Island ones are totally opaque.

So if you’re feeling adventurous and want to add a new fruit leather to your repertoire, look no further.

I’m glad to have fruit leathers back in my life! (Not sure if these are even technically fruit leathers, but close enough!)



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