Happy Birthday to Me!

Let there be cake!

It’s my birthday today, but my family celebrated last weekend. My grandpa and I always have a combined thing, hence the “Nat.” He was turning 86, and I was BORN in ’86. CRAZY!

So… here are some pictures of the traditional Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream cake! Cake porn!

But first– can you tell that my family reads the blog?

Do you think they know that I like cake?

Here’s the cake, outside and en fuego.

Action shot!

In the background you can see our Villeroy & Boch mugs. Those are… probably at least as old as I am, unless they’ve chipped and been replaced. If my life were a biopic there would totally be a scene where I’m an old old lady and see a Villeroy & Boch dining set with that pattern and it totally symbolizes my family, but only the audience knows because they SAW my family using them in a touching childhood scene.

I kinda believe that those rustic scenes are paintings of what my family was doing pre-America.

You can also see our fake sugar. Whichever fake sugar is in vogue is the one we’re using. Right now we’re on Truvia and Sun Crystals. For years and years it was Splenda.

And now for maybe my favorite piece-of-cake picture ever.

The middle of my name is "lys"... LIES!

I love those colors, and I love the plumeria blossoms. My dad picked those from our tree… I didn’t know we had a plumeria tree! (That’s what happens when you move away.)

Not sure if there’s any cake in store for me today, but I already had this and my BAGEL and I’m going to be having some delightful baked goods (including something PUMPKIN!) at a (town)housewarming tomorrow, so I am a HAPPY CAMPER!

Also a few birthday miracles happened to me this morning:

-I did one of those full back bend things at the gym, which I have never been strong enough to do in yoga class. I lifted my head off the floor and everything! I collapsed out of it and just started laughing with glee. Then I tried to do it again, and could not. It was a one-time thing, maybe. (And now my wrist feels tweaked.)

Like so, but probably a little less extended... and a lot less graceful.

(It’s called the wheel… thanks, Internets.) (And not to get all “Mad Men” season 1, but that’s appropriate for a birthday… a wheel… the circle of my year is complete. Or something.)

-Walking out of the gym, I saw a cockatiel in a cage, at this auto tune-up place. I’ve never noticed the bird before, and it looked exactly like Sweetie, my pet who flew away a million years ago. I said, “Pretty bird” to the cockatiel, and it said “pretty bird!” Which is exactly what Sweetie used to do!

-“Jump Around” played on the radio on my way home from the gym. Not really a miracle, but for some reason I was really excited about it. It’s nice to hear different songs every once in a while.

-When I woke up I weighed myself and was pretty bummed by the number. When I got back from the gym I weighed myself again, and I was THREE POUNDS less. I mean, whatever, weight is arbitrary and dumb. But it’s a nice little birthday miracle! Now I can eat more cake and feel slightly less anxious about it!

In the near future I will have to get some cake/cupcakes and take it/them home with me for a little photo shoot, because I am now the proud owner of THIS:

Thanks, Mom!

This has been a very good year, and I can only hope that the next one is equally full of goodness. Thanks to everybody (and all the food and TV!) who helped make this year so memorable!

And maybe on August 20, 2011, I will do TWO consecutive back bends! (Or TELL you that I did! You’ll never know the difference!)



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. The Cold Stone Creamery cake picture (from almost exactly a year ago) is not nearly as attractive as your cake picture here.

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