What's not to like? Stick it all in a sandwich!

I’m actually a busy little bee in the room today so there’s no time (NO TIME) to blog, but I thought I’d capture this sandwich because it’s so bizarre and catch-as-catch-can… and so ME. (Also: Longest. Sandwich Name. EVER!)

You can see that I threw a bunch of other snacks on a plate, because I was jumping right back into the fray. (And I eat way more than just one snack every afternoon. Let’s be REAL.)

Here’s a view of this crazy newfangled bread.

Someday we won't even remember what normal bread looked like.

Every piece is the end piece. Isn’t the end piece everybody’s least favorite piece? And no crusts… I actually like crusts.

I thought these were called sandwich FLATS, but when I went back to double check, they’re called sandwich THINS. Isn’t that such a big bunch of marketing wizardry? Associating this low-cal bread with the word thin? I think FLAT is much more accurate, but it’s one letter away from “fat,” so… sorry, flat. One day you’re in, the next day you’re out.

Somewhere some “Mad Men”-style panel of women were questioned about their bread preferences until they all sobbed about their desire to get married. Or to be thin, I guess. Or to at least eat things with the promise of the word “thin” on the package.

We want thins, not flats. Actually, no carbs at all.

But whatever, I ate the thins. They’re doing something right.

Tomorrow Phamish is coming back. I just might have to make up for this strange-ness with a REAL sandwich. (Or try their bun?) (Bun as in Vietnamese dish, not as in bread.)



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