Lasagna Cupcakes Exist

What the WHAT?

I just found out about these via Twitter, and thought you all should know.

These are the brainchild of Heirloom LA. They are caterers.

Now you know who to call for your next event. (Now I know what I’m serving at my wedding… and my kids’ bar and bat mitzvahs… and my funeral.) (Just kidding… I haven’t tasted them yet.) (Just kidding x 2… I’m too cheap to have FOOD at those events.)

Oh, the random finds you will find when you browse this big web of ours.

Lasagna cupcakes are apparently available at The Oaks Gourmet grocery, which is about 200 feet away from the Upright Citizens Brigade theater. Maybe I’ll stop in and scope them out, next time I’m over there.

They’re also available at the new Intelligentsia in Pasadena… I also didn’t know that THAT existed. (My mind is blown.)

(I write “lasagna” because that’s how Heirloom spells it, but I learned it “lasagne.” Spell check is telling me that I’m wrong. But I think it goes both ways…)

Sometimes I lose faith in the world, but this morning I GAINED a little faith.



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