Snack Trek: L.O.V.E. PIZZA

Slice a la slice.

I got major writer’s block on that caption. Like, nearly debilitating. So I just wrote SOMETHING, so I could move on. “Slice a la slice.” Doesn’t really make any sense. Deal with it. Maybe “Pizza a la slice” would have been better, but we can’t look back now.

In between Yogurt Stop with Sara and meeting Rachel et Marites et al at The Groundlings, I walked down Melrose feeling STILL HUNGRY, and also feeling cold. Brrr. (Even though I was wearing a jacket, and it’s AUGUST.)

Suddenly– as if in a dream– I smelled the wafting, warming scent of pizza.

I looked around for the source of the aroma, and it was love at first sight.

Kinda noir-ish. A homeless person with a shopping cart was barreling toward me as I took this.

Get it? It wasn’t LOVE love, it was L.O.V.E. as in, the name of the place. Got ya, suckas!

Once I entered the shop, I was confused. Should I wait to be seated? Could I just sit wherever? Could I order at the counter?

I asked the lady behind the counter, and she told me I could do whatever I wanted. But I wanted to do whatever was normal for the restaurant. I didn’t want to be the weird girl ordering at the counter when everybody else orders at their tables. (Don’t give me too many options! I get confused!)

I asked if I could get pizza by the slice, and the woman said yes. Did they have veggie, I asked. Well, she explained, they only have cheese slices, but they can add whatever toppings you want. Okay, I said. But that only added to my WTF/anxiety feelings.

I was going to take the pizza to go, but the warm air was so amazing. It was actually a kind of breezy warm. I could feel the air moving around.

So I went and sat down at the banquette (bench), and then a big group came in and gave me the “if you moved we could sit at that long table” eye. The only other available table was three table-for-twos pushed together. A couple was sitting at the table on the end. So I sat at the table on the other end. But I was kinda still sitting with them? Thanks for sharing your date with me?

The couple appeared to have the same pizza that I’d ordered, but because they ordered a WHOLE pizza, the toppings were actually cooked into it… making it probably 24% more delicious and/or aesthetically pleasing. I almost asked them if I could take a picture, but that would have made my encroachment THAT much more awkward.

I was sitting practically on top of another table for two, where a woman was telling a man all about her son’s woes. Like, he’d had a baby with a friendless, clingy woman he didn’t much like, and now they were having issues? Who would have seen THAT coming? Sigh a la sigh! (I actually hung around for a few minutes after I was done, just to listen to the dramz.) (I pretended I was texting.)

So my pizza came, and I was kind of shocked by the on-top-ness of the toppings, even though I’d been warned. There were warm mushrooms and tomatoes on top of cheese pizza, but they weren’t fully cooked, the way they would be if they’d baked in with the cheese. I love mushrooms, but these were on the verge of being raw mushrooms… I’m not such a big fan of those.

On the plus side, the out-there veggies made for a beautiful new header picture.

I like to cut my pizza with a fork and knife (I know, I have weird habits), and I was also kinda bored and musing on the whole L.O.V.E. thing. As a result, this happened.

Pizza my heart?

So not only was I dining alone, but I also appeared to be a crazy person, making shapes out of my food and taking pictures. I mean– I’m not saying that I’m NOT a crazy person, but when I’m with other people I at least seem like a POPULAR crazy person. Or at least… sane enough to have friends.

But between asking all the questions, and switching seats, and taking pictures of my food, and being alone… I was totally the weird one in the pizza shop.

The pizza was good (I’m a thin crust gal, and this delivered on that front), but I’d like to go back sometime and order a pizza with the toppings baked WITH the cheese. I think that would bring the pizza to the next level.

You know… the normal level.

Oh, and after I left I saw that there was a falafel place about two stores down! Next time, falafel place!


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