Where's the yogurt?

At long last (as in, I heard about this place last week), Sara and I visited the mythical Yogurt Stop. It’s in the heart of gay West Hollywood (or WeHo), where parking is a bee-yotch. Luckily, I found a lot to park in… and they didn’t charge me? Or I just didn’t pay? (Not sure.)

It may APPEAR that I have no willpower, but on Friday afternoon I went to a different (and unnamed because it was very annoying) self-serve yogurt place for my co-workers and didn’t partake– because I KNEW I was going to Yogurt Stop. That place had red velvet cake as a topping, but it was offered up in big, dry chunks– and was a rather unsettling bright red in hue. I was hoping Yogurt Stop would have better offerings.

Luckily, Yogurt Stop’s red velvet cake was crumbly and soft.


Cake and Art is a bakery, also in WeHo. (Thanks, internet.)

The flavors at Yogurt Stop are famous for being very… gay. Sadly the dim lighting was making my camera phone flash, so this is a bit blinding…

"Milk My Harvey Chocolate."

I really like the little smiley face on the sign. (I was so distracted by the smiley face that I’m not sure I read/heeded the sign.)

Why did they call it “Milk My Harvey Chocolate,” and not “Harvey Milk Chocolate?” Is the former just a tad more sexual? Like, not only does it pay tribute to Harvey Milk, but ALSO it sounds like innuendo? Haha. (Not pictured: I’m Comin’ Out Cake Batter.)

The red velvet yogurt was called Ribbed & Rockin’ XL Red Velvet “Cheban” Cake. (I have no idea what that’s referring to… help?) I tried a sample of Lezbionic Tonic, because it was a tart flavor. I imagine Lezbionic Tonic as some sort of Jekyll/Hyde potion that turns you into a lesbian… but I had not even the slightest urge to make out with Sara. (No offense, Sara… I’m sure the feeling is mutual.)

I wasn’t much in the mood for tons of yogurt (I took a bit each of cake batter, red velvet, vanilla, and milk chocolate), but there were many intriguing toppings. So I went to town on those, forgetting to take a picture of the yogurt first. Once I got to the table I had to excavate for a white before that yogurt saw the light of day.

But before we look at the yogurt, let’s examine some of those toppings…

Dig! Dig! Dig!

Can you spot the following? Cinnamon Toast Crunch, red velvet crumbles, crushed Andes mints, peanut butter chips, crumbled Kit Kats, rainbow sprinkles…

I almost went overboard, but it all turned out all right. (It took me a few disappointing trips to Yogurtland to realize that you just can’t mix everything at these places, or it becomes a disgusting soup of incongruous flavors. I have to choose: Tarts and sorbets with fruit toppings, or the creamy mocha/cake batter-esque flavors with candy toppings. For me, at least.)

(Although I just read about putting toppings on the bottom and layering yogurt with toppings, and I’m intrigued. Maybe the toppings could create barriers.) (I think I read that in People interview with Julianne Hough, at the hair salon. Haha.) (Did you think I was reading academic studies about self-serve yogurt?)

And here’s your moment of zen: Red velvet on red velvet.

In the red.

Once again– such a big difference between the color of the yogurt and the cake. I’m guessing that if they actually used enough red dye number whatever to achieve that dark red hue in the yogurt, it would probably kill the consumer on impact. (I’m guessing the deep red in the cake means a high cocoa ratio?)

Regretfully, I did not sample any of the cake on its own. I just scooped the whole kit and caboodle into my mouth. Next time I’ll slow it down and sample the cake individually. But it seemed to be of the highest quality, and I’m quite sure it was delicious.

The whole time we were in there, Madonna remixes were playing on the stereo. I felt as though we were at last weekend’s Bootie LA all over again– in a good way. I was dancing in my seat. A nice bonus.

And as it turned out, my stomach was bigger than my eyes! I almost went back for another round. (But then I didn’t… and ended up getting pizza later. That’s what you’re seeing in the new header– you like?) (I wanted the carpet to match the drapes… AKA I wanted the header font to match the photo-font.)

So… although some of my co-workers warned me that Yogurt Stop was overrated (and also that yogurt is not an appropriate dinner… haha), in my humble opinion the ambiance and the superior red velvet/topping selection made it worth the trip. I’m down to go back any time.

And I can’t wait to try the seasonal flavors, such as Pumpkin Party Patch and Snickerdoodle Surprise Me. (That reminds me: Pumpkin season starts in… less than two months? YESSSSS.) (Something to live for!)



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