Seven eleven!

Shockingly enough! A post about TV!

Last year this blog kinda exploded when I wrote about “So You Think You Can Dance.” (Especially when I wrote about Evan Kasprzak and Jeanine Mason… they have intense fans.) (I will probably get a bunch of hits just for including their names in this. Suckas!) (Just kidding, love ya.)

This season I obviously didn’t do the insane recaps, and there is still one episode I haven’t watched yet. But it was an enjoyable season, and I think we all wonder how amazing it might have been if Alex and Ashley hadn’t been carted away with injuries. (Last season I joked around about the phrase “dance for your life,” but this season it took on a new meaning, because people were dropping like flies.)

The All-Star idea seemed a bit strange at first, but I think it brought the show to a new level, because there was never a situation where both dancers were struggling with a genre. And I looove some of those All-Stars (Neil, Courtney, Pasha, Dominic…), so it was good to see them again. (And I don’t know if I watched Kathryn or Allison’s seasons, but daaamnnn they are amazing dancers.)

I decided to do a quick post with a few dances I found memorable. I chose dances that didn’t get re-dance love from the judges at the finale, because you probably saw those ones.

(Speaking of judges, did we all like Adam Shankman and the occasional Kenny Ortega? Yes? Yes. And did we miss Mary Murphy? Not really? Not really.)

I DO want to give the show props for keeping the finale in the studio this season. The Nokia Theater finale was sort of a disaster, in large part because the cameras seemed so far away from the action. SYTYCD: Learning from its mistakes.

So… here, in no particular order, are seven dances I enjoyed– seven dances that didn’t appear in the finale. (Seven because it’s season seven.)

(And I apologize if these links eventually die, as all things do.)

Ashley & Ade- Cosmic Love by Florence & the Machine

That song is also used in the latest “Vampire Diaries” promo, which is beyond sexy.

Alex & Billy & Ade- This Bitter Earth on the Nature of Daylight

I wish we could have seen them all dancing, the whole time. Thanks a lot, camera people. (Some dances are just better live.) (All dances.)

Lauren & Robert- That Home by Cinematic Orchestra

Loove that pillow stuff. Genius.

Kent & Lauren- Collide by Howie Day

The infamous kiss dance. What’s up with Kent & Lauren? Anybody know? And why was he so upset after that dance on the day before the finale? Who would have guessed that Kent could get so emo?

Billy & Kathryn- Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

I’m kinda obsessed with that song, now. They had Christina Perri come on the show and perform it, so I guess I’m not alone.

Adechike & Kent- You Only Disappear by Tom McRae

Adechike’s gazelle-jump with the bent front leg is insane.

And finally: Because I love Pasha, because Lauren won, and… Lady Gaga.

I really thought Lady Gaga was going to be the surprise superstar at the finale, because she was in town. But… it was Ellen DeGeneres, dancing in Alex’s stead? Ellen gets to do the coolest stuff.

A few I couldn’t find– Robert’s tango, Robert’s Barbie/Ken dance… you know, maybe one of the ones I haven’t seen yet. And I’ve probably forgotten a few. But that’s a good taste of some of this season’s goodness.

And shout-out to yoga-practicing b-boy Jose! It’s crazy how many dance moves look like yoga moves, so I think that’s one of the reasons why he managed to be amazing at all those styles he’d never danced before.

What did you think of this season? Who/what did you love and hate?



One thought on “Aftertaste: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, SEASON 7

  1. I was also surprised they didn’t showcase the pillow dance on the final episode.
    I love Adam Shankman, too. He was very diplomatic and was careful to not ego-slap anyone, but he got his point across, i.e. I love you guys, get outta here!

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