One Fish,Two Fish…

Red fish...

I couldn’t make “one fish, two fish” work in my Milk post, but BY GUM it works perfectly here! (Small victories.)

So there’s a candy dish in the lobby of the building where I work, and another candy dish in the ladies’ room. (Is that weird? Food in the bathroom?) It’s obvious that the candy comes from those big assorted candy packs you can buy at Smart ‘n Final or Cosco.

As you can see, one of the offerings is Swedish fish. Individually wrapped. I find that kind of odd/baffling, because Swedish fish are so small (I threw in that average-sized paperclip to give you an idea). It’s like wrapping one or two M&Ms in plastic. Waste of plastic.

It’s not even enough candy to be worth the effort of eating. I need to save my energy, can’t be ripping open individual Swedish fish wrappers.

So, logically, I am slowly stealing/hoarding Swedish fish. I don’t know if I’m doing it in some sort of banal protest, or in order to amass enough fish to equal one NORMAL-PERSON packet of Swedish fish, or because I’m slowly going crazy.

The weird thing is, I’ve kind of lost my taste for Swedish fish. (Uh oh, Swedish fish identity crisis!) (Red desserts identity crisis?)

All I know is that I have a drawer in my desk that I’m slowly filling with hermetically sealed fish.

(My phone’s out of battery, but maybe I’ll take another pic when it gets redonk.)

PS Happy Friday the 13th! I’m going to Yogurt Stop for dinner with partner-in-crime Sara! And I think there’s ice cream cake in my very near future. (Family birthday celebration.) So… it’s gonna be a good weekend. (AND I’M GETTING MY HAIR DONE!!!)



One thought on “One Fish,Two Fish…

  1. Losing your taste for Swedish Fish is an oxymoron because they are completely tasteless. I take that back, they taste like something…boringness.
    …furthermore, what makes you think that you have a Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream and chocolatey cake that says “happy birthday” in cute candles in your future. seems kind of presumptious if you ask me.

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