The Daily Sandwich: BBQ CHICKEN SALAD WRAP (Greenz on Wheelz)

I like the palm trees in the top corner. Evidence of California/summer.

I said I was going to try to do ONE truck a week, but this is a salad truck (Greenz on Wheelz). Free pass!

But I got my BBQ Chicken Salad as a wrap, in a giant wheat tortilla. (At least the chicken salad was chicken in a salad, and not chicken salad as in Mayoville.) Way to pack on the calories, Appleface. (Wait ’til you see what I had for dinner last night…)

Whatever. It smelled good. It tasted good. It contained black beans AND jicama. No regrets.

Healthy times.

You’ve heard of DOA (dead on arrival) and DOB (date of birth). Well, now there’s DOS: Dressing on Side. My M.O. is always DOS.

The wrap, wrapped.

That’s a BBQ, DOS, DOA (delicious on arrival).

And the guy taking orders was super nice! (Come to think of it, they’ve all been sweethearts. Food truck people are good folk!)



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