Snack Trek: DIM SUM TRUCK (!!!)

I've waited so long for this day.

I heard about the Dim Sum Truck several months ago, and I was anxious to sample its wares. But it was never anywhere near me, so I waited… and cried. And in the interim I didn’t even get any non-truck dim sum. (It has been… possibly over a year since I’ve had dim sum? Not cool.)

When our building announced that the Dim Sum Truck would be coming this week (specifically: today), I was SO EXCITED! I found out early last week, and since then I’ve been counting the days.

Let me back up, because there is a small story to tell.

On Tuesdays I have to leave my place an hour earlier than usual, hence I am not in the habit of going to the gym on Tuesday mornings. But last night I went to Milk for dinner (I don’t have any pictures… I’ll blog it next time), aka I split a sundae for dinner. And I knew that today was Dim Sum Truck day.

So I dragged my butt out of bed at 5:30am to go to the gym, fighting myself the whole way. (And I’ll get up at 5:30am tomorrow, too, but I won’t fight myself as much because it’s yoga with Yoga Skip, and–despite what his name might imply– it’s un-skippable.)

But today– I was sleepwalking. Seriously. My brain was off.

But my brain was on enough on the way home to hear the win-money song-of-the-hour (“Airplanes” … I’ve always liked that song), and to identify it when it played. I called in, as I have a million times before, because… why not? Generally I try several times in a row and get a busy tone or a “high call volume” recording. Once someone answered, said “eighty-seven” (as in, not caller 102) and hung up on me.

But this time, the call went through. As soon as an actual person answered and asked my name, I knew I must have won. WHAT? Like seriously, what are the odds? It was surreal. The woman asked me a few questions and told me to be excited and enthusiastic if I won (not hard to do…).

And then… Ryan Seacrest was talking to me on the air. (But he sounded different on the phone… I was thinking, Who is this??) And he told me that I won. And I think I have to pay taxes on my winnings. But whatever! Free money! Ryan Seacrest!

Let’s be real– I’m going to put the money in my bank account, and spend it on food! This is not only a great day for me, but also a great day for the blog.

(Let’s be REALLY real… I was going to buy food either way.)

So between that surreality and the Dim Sum Truck, I decided that this is my official Lucky Day. Like, August 10th. From now on. I’ll mark it in my calendar. (And my birthday’s the 20th. Maybe it’s just pre-birthday luck.)

But perhaps the REAL moral of the story is that good things happen for me when I get my butt to the freakin’ gym.

But this has nothing to do with dim sum. Let’s cut to the chase.

A rare picture in the sun. I had to document this RIGHT AWAY.

What does that paper tray of deliciousness contain? I’ll break it down for ya.

Top: Har Gow dumplings– Shrimp and bamboo.

Center: Chicken Bun– Chicken and mushrooms in… that fluffy dough stuff.

Bottom: Lotus-Wrapped Sticky Rice– Rice, chicken, shrimp, veggies… and pork.

All that was just under $10. (In LA, $10 for lunch is relatively reasonable… it’s cheaper than what I’d pay if I ordered from the menus in our office’s menu-book.)

And I got it much faster than I would at an actual dim sum place, where you have to wait for the carts to come around. (Not that I mind! It’s an experience.) (Let’s go! Seriously.)

I realize that the meat is hidden, so I ripped everything open for your (creepy) edification.

Doesn't the lotus look lovely?

If that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity (you big creep), the menu on their official site has, like, dim sum glamour shots. Love it.

Now, usually during lunch I try to maximize my time by eating while I watch dailies (the footage from yesterday’s filming), or while blog-reading or -writing, etc. But not today. I was LASER FOCUSED on my dim sum. I was so committed to every savory bite that I ate the hot dog-looking thing in my sticky rice that was likely pork. (I have never consciously eaten pork before.)

Close-up of the BAMBOO in the dumplings. Awesome.

Usually after lunch I want a piece of fruit or chocolate or something, but after this I just wanted the sweet memory of dim sum. I savored that shit. Savored. (For an hour, at least. Then it was on to the afternoon snacky train.)

It took some willpower not to run back to the truck and order another tray, or at least another sticky rice.

But I didn’t want to get TOO crazy. There’s always next time. (And there WILL be a next time.)

I may or may not be capping off this Lucky Day by buying a personal watermelon at Trader Joe’s. (If not tonight– soon.) [Edit: I bought it.]

Oh, also– add this to the list of places I need to visit ASAP. (It’s the yogurt place Sara told me about.) (I am literally going to need to get a trough-sized container to fit all of the flavors I want to try.)

Good night, and good luck.

And this is dedicated to my dad, who is my dim sum buddy. (Nothing happened to him. Just dedicated, as in, “This song goes out to…”) (I win one radio contest, and suddenly I think I’m Seacrest.)



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