The Daily Sandwich: LEMONGRASS CHICKEN BANH MI (Phamish)

Fun fact: The white veggie is daikon.

Every day this month, two food trucks are coming to our parking lot at lunchtime. I don’t want to go too crazy, so I’m trying to limit myself to one or two trucks per week. This week the Phamish truck won my golden ticket. I had heard through their site that their banh mi was one of Los Angeles Magazine’s top 10 food truck finds. And I had a memorable banh mi from Nom Nom in my past life (aka at my old job). So I was on board. (But not literally. I did not board the truck.)

I want to know if Phamish is a play on the word “pho,” or if I’m just overthinking it.

What the truck?

The sandwich is a 12″ baguette containing lemongrass chicken, “garlic mayo, pickled carrots & daikon, cilantro, jalapenos & a dash of soy sauce.” I wasn’t sure what daikon was (I knew I’d heard about it on “Top Chef”), so I looked it up. So now you know. It’s kinda like jicama. Or–more accurately–a radish. (Apparently.)

Wanna see a window full of baguettes? Do I even have to ask? (And do you even have a choice?)

You are getting sleepy...

I was kind of apprehensive about getting a 12″ long sandwich, because that seemed like a major stomachache and/or bad decision waiting to happen, but the sandwiches were actually pretty thin. Much smaller than a 12″ from Subway would look. (Oh God, “that’s what she said” times a bajillion.)

Co-worker B warned me to watch out for big jalapeno pieces, but my sandwich didn’t seem to have any jalapeno in it. I joked that I was an obvious wimp, so they were just like, “Nope, no jalapenos for her.” (If I had known that there were jalapenos, I probably would have asked to leave them out… they’re mind readers.)

I also asked for light mayo, because I’m not a mayo fan. But I didn’t want NO mayo, because that would change whatever it was about the sandwich (flavor profile?) that made it top 10. You know?

I ate the first half and intended to save the other half for later, but the sandwich was so good and non-heavy that it was basically asking me to eat the other half, so that it could be reunited with its brother in stomach-heaven.

I mean, seriously, who can resist a face like this?

The end of the baguette is my favorite part.

You can tell the sandwich is small because it looks small in my hand. I have what people refer to as “baby hands.” (That’s not at all creepy.) My palm is maybe 3 or 4 inches across.

I’m basically trying to justify eating a 12″ sandwich, followed by– among other things– a bagel and these really pretty Terra Chips that remind me of autumn leaves.

All the leaves are brown... and the sky is gray...

That saves me a Snack of the Afternoon post.

I would be raiding your kitchen right now if I could finally figure out how to teleport (or how to teleport food, at least).


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3 thoughts on “The Daily Sandwich: LEMONGRASS CHICKEN BANH MI (Phamish)

  1. lucky food blog writer…food trucks come and visit you!
    i was merely hungry before i read this. now i am phamished!

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