Cakes of the Weekend

I was on a total roll with cakes last week, so I took a bunch of pictures of the cakes I encountered during my weekend. I don’t have too much to add. (I mean… cake.) (And I want to get these up before THIS weekend starts.)

So… enjoy the photo blog! (Phlog?) (That sounds like “flog,” and if you enjoy being flogged… you’re Don Draper?)

As always, click on any picture to see it as-big-as-possible.

First up: Saturday night– Brent’s going-away cake from Baskin Robbins. Eating BR ice cream cakes was a tradition with Brent. Once Brent, Cole and I went to a really ghetto BR after closing and begged them to let us in. There was some kind of police/gang thing happening about 30 feet away, so I think they took pity on us and let us in so we wouldn’t die.

Here’s one of our past cakes. Maybe my fave, because it’s ice cream on an ice cream cake.


But that was then. Back to the present.

Before we destroyed it.

Whitney wanted the writing to look like “I [heart] NY,” but apparently the employees were not communication experts. And the chocolate drip around the edges was an extra $4, so let’s look at it from a different angle.

In the box!

I was curious to cut into the cake and find out what flavor it was. My family almost always buys mint chocolate chip BR cakes for birthdays and special occasions, so that’s my de facto sentimental favorite. (And also, their mint chocolate chip is the best.)

(When I was a kid I always said “chocolate chip mint.” I still think that sounds more right.)

And guess what? It WAS chocolate chip mint chocolate chip!

I ate this much times 3+. And I weigh more this week. Go figure.

On Sunday I brunched at The Alcove with a few members of my family. We didn’t buy any cake, but of course we looked. And I took some covert pics.

The museum of modern cakes.

An employee was cutting into one of the cakes, and it had REAL fruit in the filling. That is a WIN in my book.

Cupcakes and other curios.

And then there were mermaid cookies…

Under the sea...

I actually DID end up eating cake later that day, at Kitchen 24 (we already visited part of this in the s’more cupcake blog).

Red velvet follows me around.

Let’s get a little closer, shall we? (I bought the s’more, and another member of my party bought the red velvet… but I think I ate the majority of both of them. Le sigh.) (Also: Le awesome?)

Showin' a little lip.

Sooo… that’s why I’m fat this week.

I wonder what this weekend has in store for me. Hopefully… lettuce.



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