Snack Trek: The Quest for the Best S’mores in LA

Just add fire.

Okay, so my previous Quests haven’t been particularly fruitful. But I will continue to Quest, because… why not? I’m the Don Quixote of snack treks. Tilting at windmills.

S’mores are classic dessert. Yet suddenly they’re super trendy. They just might be the next red velvet. (Or a concurrent trend. I’m not saying that s’mores are going to dethrone anything.)

A few months ago I went to a party where the hosts put out a s’more-making spread (S’more Bar?), with a variety of flavors of chocolate and graham cracker. In theory, one could make a s’more with cookies ‘n cream white chocolate on cinnamon grahams. I didn’t stray from the original ingredients (though I ate some of the white chocolate), but it’s a really cool idea.

The thing about s’mores is that they’re so simple–chocolate (generally Hershey’s) and a marshmallow, melted between two graham crackers. And yet– that’s REALLY hard to do correctly.

I don’t know about you, but I have roasting difficulties. I want my marshmallow WELL done, because it needs to melt the chocolate. But somehow my impatience (or something) always leads to the marshmallow catching on fire and BLAZING, to the point that it looks like a carcinogenic lump of coal. (Then I try to remove the blackness and eat the inside… YUM.)

Even if I decide to USE the immolated marshmallow, somehow it STILL doesn’t melt the chocolate. Like, I needed to bring a portable microwave to the campfire. (But a microwaved marshmallow is kind of… creepy and collapsed. Not nearly as good as a roasted marshmallow. So the fire is definitely necessary.)

In camp the counselors would sometimes make s’mores in bulk, wrapping individual uncooked s’mores in tinfoil and sticking the whole bunch of them over the fire… on some sort of rack, I guess. But that didn’t work out particularly well, either. Usually it’s that damn chocolate. Just doesn’t want to melt. (Another argument that Hershey’s is perhaps waxier than chocolate ought to be?)

So I’m putting my s’more experience in the hands of professionals. I want to find the best s’mores that LA has to offer. I just bought a Groupon for Luna Park, so their s’mores are on my list. I also want to check out the s’moring at Gyu-Kaku (the place where you cook your own dinner in front of you, shabu shabu style– fun!). I went there once on a date, but we didn’t do dessert. Even though I EXPRESSLY showed a lot of enthusiasm about the s’mores.

I don’t know what’s up with guys, but they never want to order dessert on dates. I’ll generally defer to my dining partner when it comes to dessert, but I almost always want to try something on the dessert menu. And a date is supposed to be a special meal. Special meals call for indulgences. For memorable moments. I frequently order dessert with my friends, and we’re not even trying to romance each other. My friends GET IT. That’s why we are friends. Dates… don’t get it. And after the statute of limitations passes, I can write about them on my blog.

Recently I was on a date with a guy who declared, “No dessert for us. Let’s exercise willpower.” Really. Willpower. Really? On a date?

FYI, boys: That’s not a sexy thing to say.

The boy who orders dessert will win my heart forever.*

Or maybe it’ll be the boy who teaches me how to make the perfect s’more.*

But for now my heart belongs to s’mores, even the ones I make so poorly. Luckily the raw ingredients are delicious on their own, even when they’re… raw.


*Unless he’s not the right boy.


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