The Daily Sandwich: PB & BANANA (& HONEY)

I like that the plate color-coordinates with the banana.

It’s been forever since I posted a daily sandwich. I kind of forgot about this feature for a while. It’s probably the most boring one, especially since I lost access to a set/craft services.

Generally if I make a sandwich at work, it’s this sandwich. So I’m going to post it now, and maybe never again. Posting the same sandwich every week would be… something out of a crazy person’s blog. Like, all PB & banana sandwiches and no play makes The Binge a dull blog.

You can see that I left a strip banana-free. That’s where I put the honey. I like PB & banana sandwiches, and I like PB & honey sandwiches, but I don’t really feel the need to combine the honey and banana elements.

And of course, triangles are necessary to the deliciousness.

Diagonals for the win.

Also, on the PB & honey portions only, I like to squish the sandwich flat. Like, using my fingers as a panini press. Try it sometime. Or not.

Oh, remember how I was kinda freaked that one time because I thought I ate a pulled pork sandwich? When I ate at Porto’s last month-ish, I re-scoured the menu and saw that they actually do have a shredded beef sandwich. So… possibly the whole thing was a false alarm. But it was a good story? (And the meat was not really the color of beef, so I’m still suspicious… I will have to go back and order the shredded beef sandwich… for research.)

Anyway… yep. That was my daily sandwich.

And I’m still hungry. Maybe I’ll get really crazy and post a snack of the afternoon, too. And/or a post with pictures of the cakes/snacks of the weekend.

So you can look forward to that. And if that’s the most exciting thing on your roster today… I’m really sorry.



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