Snack of the Afternoon, 7/30/10: TRADER JOE’S LITE KETTLE CORN

I am eating this RIGHT NOW. As I type.

My blog is being a bit wonky right now (it locked me out for a few minutes), so I decided to blog a short and LEGIT snack of the afternoon (no crazy poisons, no bubblegum). Testing, 123. Don’t delete yourself, post.

I have a little stash of snacks I bought from home in my desk drawer, including Orville Redenbacher 100 calorie packs of kettle korn (yes, they spell it with a K) and popcorn. But I feel kinda bad about microwaving the bags, thus causing the office to smell deliciously popcorn-y (or hideously I-burned-the-popcorn-y… luckily that was only once, and there was only one other person around).

I saw these bags of kettle corn and thought… decadent! So weeks went by, and I didn’t eat them. But then I saw that someone had written “light kettle corn” on the grocery list, and upon inspection… it IS light. (Er… “lite.” Food spellings…. blargh.) Not so decadent, after all! And not at all smelly-up-the-office-y.

It’s actually less popcorn than the Redenbacher for more calories, but I think it’s worth the trade-off. The kettle corn taste is a little more… kettle corn-y. A little more of the sweetness.

Also, who can resist the man on the package? He’s obviously some sort of huckster. He’s the Music Man of kettle corn. I’m sold. And I will also buy a sousaphone. And a monorail. (Thanks, Conan.)

Oh man, not only is my blog being weird, but my laptop is being all slow and jet-plane sounding and rainbow beach ball of death-y. (Mac people know what I’m talking about.)

Okay, done with the kettle corn. Out of sight, out of mind. Out of kettle corn, out of… talking about kettle corn.


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