Ceci n’est pas une pancake.

This photo will make you fat.

Today lunch was on the Benevolent Boss-Man (B^3), so I eschewed my usual oatmeal or PB & banana and ordered a real-life salad. Sounds boring, but I’d already had my bagel of dreams.

We ordered from Larchmont Bungalow, which, according to a recent email I received from Living Social, is famed for its red velvet pancakes. So B^3, in his benevolence, ordered the red velvet pancakes and shared them with everyone. (What a mensch.) (I’m serious.)

But… you guys, they weren’t really pancakes. They were just… cake-cakes. As B^3’s asst quipped, “Well… maybe they were COOKED in a pan.” Like, the word “pancake” must have been a technicality.

Also, I totally took my two bites with the community fork. So I mingled germs with some amazing writers. I hope their skill is contagious.

Anyway, I’m kind of zoned right now and don’t want to get into the promised “red velvet identity crisis” post, because it involves several more pictures and links and some actual storytelling and life-musing. But for now I’ll say… these pancakes are having an identity crisis.

I did some searching and found an image of ACTUAL red velvet pancakes. So they DO exist.

Yes, you are pancakes. Congrats.

But you know what I’d like better? PUMPKIN pancakes. I had them once at iHop, from their seasonal menu. I am pretty sure I’m never going to have a crisis about whether I like pumpkin-flavored desserts. Pumpkin is FOR REAL, FOREVER. I have that tattooed on my ass. (Not.)

This is someone's real tattoo.

You need to visit the website where that picture is from, just to see the quote, “Kimmy wears this one in a special place.” (My guess: Her ass.)

I don’t think my dad would appreciate a tattoo tribute, since he is in the tattoo removal game.

Wait, how did I get here from a Magritte-inspired post about red velvet pancakes?

I ask that as if the majority of my posts aren’t equally random.

Not sure when I’ll post again (ten minutes from now?), but I’ll try to take a picture of tomorrow’s Baskin Robbins “bon voyage to Brent” ice cream cake, to keep the cake posts going (no hangout with Brent is complete without a BR cake… we risked our lives once to obtain one– I’ll tell that story when I post the pic).

Oh– Since this blog is suddenly The Daily Cake-Binge, maybe I’ll also write a post about the “cake diet.” Hopefully I’m on the cake diet right now.

(Basically, Whit and I went through the phase where we ate cake way too often, but ended up losing weight because we were only really eating cake, and we were too busy/conscious of eating too much cake to eat much of anything else… or something like that. It was during college. Who remembers college?)

Well, that pretty much sums up the cake diet. Didn’t really need a whole post for it, after all.


THIS moi!


One thought on “Ceci n’est pas une pancake.

  1. The yummiest red velvet pancakes ever are from the Buttermilk Truck in the Los Angeles area. I blogged about them and have a recipe on my site. Too bad about those awful thick ones in your picture!

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