The Attack of the Chocolate Burger

Can you see it lurking, ready to destroy us?

Last night I went to Tender Greens with Whit and Brent, and we were feeling festive because Brent is moving to NYC in a matter of days. Running out of time! So we got a bottle of wine (Gruner… of Austria). (We were on our way to a long movie, and the extra liquids in my bladder would prove near-fatal.)

As we approached the registers, we came upon the desserts. “Is that a chocolate BURGER?” Brent asked. Then: “We have to get one.”

Once the universe starts handing you cake, it just doesn’t let up.

Soon everybody around us (including the people who worked there) were abuzz about the “chocolate burger,” because it is such a hilarious concept. (The girl at the cash register told me that it’s actually called a whoopie pie… we’ve spoken of whoopie pies before.) (And whoopie pie is still a more ridiculous name than chocolate burger.)

I mean, it really did look like a burger.

You be the judge.

It’s two round fluffy cakes with frosting in the middle… the cake version of a macaron.

And THEN as we walked to our table, buzzing about our chocolate burger, we caught the attention of the table next door.

“How’d you manage THAT?” a woman asked. “A bottle of wine!”

“Uh… we bought it?” I said, with maybe a bit of I’m-hungry snark in my voice. Then I realized that the woman was Famous Actress Jennifer Coolidge. Ooops.

We didn’t actually acknowledge that we knew her, so I think she thought we were unawares. She told us that her table of three had eaten FOUR desserts, including the chocolate burger (we had a respectable two desserts– also bought some blueberry cobbler bar thing). She also took a picture of us with our food, because we probably seemed like tourists.

So any actress who eats lots of desserts and is willing to take pictures of idiots with their food is a-okay in my book.

Later, when I recounted this to my mom, she said, “Oh… the ‘bend & snap’ lady?” That hadn’t occurred to me at the time. But yes. Awesome.

I'll bend and snap for cake.

Oh yeah, and the other day I was late for a dinner with some friends (including Brent) and missed seeing JANE LYNCH. That would have been more blog-appropriate. I apologize to everyone.



2 thoughts on “The Attack of the Chocolate Burger

    1. To clarify– it’s not a burger. There’s no meat. It’s just a whoopie pie (aka cake) that looked like a burger, in our opinion. Although to be honest, I’d probably try a chocolate-flavored meat-burger. What’s not to like?

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