COMIC-CON: Pretzel Win

Totally normal.

You may recall that my one wish for Comic-Con was the presence of soft pretzels.

Well, these little vendors were EVERYWHERE. They were one of the few available food-options inside the convention center. It was like… do you want a pretzel, or a pretzel DOG? So many options.

A sight for hungry eyes.

As soon as I saw this, I knew the whole day was going to be a big success. (Would have been bigger if they were Super Pretzels, but what can you do?)

But since this is a blog about snacks and TV, and I have been leaning heavily on the food side, I guess I owe you some TV-related pics.

First of all, for the “Yo Gabba Gabba” enthusiasts in the house… it’s DJ Lance! (My brain wants to call him DJ Lance Bass, but that’s a whole different demographic.)

The coolest guy in the room.

The next picture features some people from “The Event.” A bunch of “The Event” people were on my train, and I tried to follow them to the convention center but ended up following them in the opposite direction, where they were all whisked into vans. So… that was an event in itself. And I stood very close to Jason Ritter.

Jason Ritter: (Not a total) stranger on my train.

Also, Blair Underwood was the president. And he was Cuban. Twist!

And of course, some “Vampire Diaries” love.


Yeah, I take pictures of pictures on screens. That’s how I roll.

Oh, and for fans of Bad Robot (JJ Abrams)… I thought this little guy was adorable.

Baaad robot!

He’s holding a little drink! And I don’t know what’s up with the missing letters on the display box.

Um, what else? Oh, I was very fascinated with the steampunks. I didn’t take this picture (thanks, Google images), but it’s a good example of the genre.

Dig the 'stache on the Brit-in-India guy.

The women I saw at Comic-Con were more of the petticoat-wearing variety, but you get the idea. I can’t figure out if they’re from the future-past or the past-future, or why they need golden teakettles in their rucksacks, or… well, I don’t understand a lot. But if you saw “Wild Wild West” or “Sherlock Holmes” (which I didn’t see but from the trailers it LOOKED totally steampunk), you probably know what I’m talking about. It’s like… what if the people in the 1800s had had high-tech shit made with lo-fi shit? And dirigibles made mostly of really weighty metals? Kind of like old-school pirates in outer space? I don’t know, like I said… confusing.

There were tons of swag bags with pictures of the Mythbusters cast on them, and I decided that the goatee/glasses/beret/puffy shirt guy must be a modern-day steampunker. It kind of makes sense, if he’s good with gadgets. Also– is he twins with the other glasses guy?

Is he from the future-past, or the past-future?

But I digress. And digress and digress.

I am going to categorize this under Snack Trek, as if I took the train 3 hours each way to eat a pretzel that was heated in a microwave upon ordering it. Like, they were very obvious with their microwave. “Just a sec, gotta pop it in the microwave.” That’s fine dining.

Later I will post more pictures of cake.

Not that you care. And really– you shouldn’t. I’m losing interest as I type.



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