The Universe Gave Me Cake (and a Chicken Tarna Wrap)

The frosting rose is a nice touch.

Last night my Tall Texan Twin and I had a late dinner at Home Restaurant. (We both ordered breakfast… so maybe it was a really early breakfast.) I was using a Living Social coupon and had to hit $30, so we ordered apple pie. But our waiter was like, no way Jose, and brought us red velvet cake instead. (My theory is that the kitchen was closed…?)

So when life hands you red velvet cake, and you recently blogged about wanting cake, and have yet to finally post the blog about the red velvet identity crisis (in short: not sure if I like it anymore)… you accept the cake. Always say yes to the cake.

Obey the cake.

Okay, before I could post this I got really busy with work, and lunchtime was approaching and I thought to myself– If only we were ordering from Zankou today. That would be something. But we were not.

And THEN my boss came out and said, Would you mind going to Zankou for me? And I said, Not at ALL! So I GOT my Zankou wish.

Ask and ye shall receive. I’m not going to call it a miracle because I was not praying. (Seriously, there are ACTUAL starving people out there who need some divine intervention.) But the universe is all about serving up my food wants as of late.

The universe is trying to make me fat.



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