Comic-Con, Take Me Away


Guess who’s going to Comic-Con for the first time tomorrow?

Guess who’s feeling a little bit apprehensive about going to Comic-Con?

I applied for a pass through my job, but I didn’t realize I got approved until yesterday. I had already decided not to go, because I heard insane stories about traffic. But with the pass in my hand (it said my name, followed by “Professional”– imagine that!), I had a change of heart. And I remembered about the train.

My friend warned me that even the train can be incredibly backed up by Comic-Con madness. But as long as I don’t have to drive, or find parking, or find a place to sleep (I’m not staying overnight)–I think I’ll be okay. I’m bringing as much reading material as I can stand to lug around with me. And snacks. (DUH.)

Sadly, the train schedule won’t exactly allow me to party down (my train heads back to LA around 8pm). But for the 8ish hours I spend in San Diego, I’m hoping to run into many friends, co-workers, and people in insane costumes. And I’m hoping to survive the clusterfuckery. Basically, I’m hoping to make it to San Diego and back in time to sleep in my own bed tomorrow night.

So hopefully I return to you with some pictures of TV-related goodness. Or at least some snacky goodness.

Superheroes? Yeah, they’re okay. But I’m really hoping they have Super Pretzels.



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