There’s No Place Like SYTYCD

L to R: Robert, Kent, Lauren, Billy.

I didn’t plan on turning WIZARD OF OZ moments in reality shows into a feature on this blog, but I had to do another post after last night’s “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Lauren and Billy did a Mandy Moore (no, not THAT Mandy Moore) jazz routine that involved sparkly shoes.

Nigel (to Lauren): “Don’t go clickin’ your heels three times, Sweetheart, ’cause you ain’t going home yet.”

No click zone.

Aside to Dorothy: Who wears blue socks with heels? Seriously? Do we need to get the Sassy Gay Friend up in here?

Since injured Ashley had to sit out last night’s performance show, the picture at the top of this post is a pretty good reflection of the boy-to-girl ratio. If Ashley has to bow out or gets sent home tonight, Lauren will be the last girl standing. This is one of the hazards of the all-star format, I guess. But I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed the boy-on-boy routines.

It would be nice to have some female duets… but with so many male all-stars, looks like Lauren’s stuck in boy-town for a while. Not the worst place to be stuck. I’m a little bit jealous.

Maybe if I click my heels, I can go to there? I want to go to there!



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