Oh Brother: BIG BROTHER’s Wizard of Oz Moment

Shit is about to get real.

So I remembered to check out “Big Brother” last night. Well… I remembered about 20 minutes after it started, but I don’t think I missed much. (Just the intros… sigh.)

I got there in time for the challenge, which involved the contestants flinging themselves onto giant fake hot dogs and riding them through the air.


And sadly, I cannot find a picture of this challenge on my Google images.

My favorite part was when valiant Brendon (yes, with an O) jumped onto a wiener to try to secure it for the girls (something to do with removing his shirt). Somehow the teammate controlling the movement of the wiener (ha) didn’t understand that Brendon didn’t want to go to the other side (maybe that teammate is the saboteur?), and Brendon flew far, far away. “No!” he yelled. But it was futile. (Also: He could have jumped off. Maybe he’s the saboteur.)

You guys, it was exactly like the scene in “The Wizard of Oz” when the Wizard is about to take Dorothy home to Kansas, but Toto gets out of the basket and Dorothy jumps out to retrieve him, and the balloon’s tethers get cut and the Wizard drifts away. “No!” he yells. But it’s futile! Like, Brendon was equally dramatic about it. Even though he was not playing an over-the-top role in a movie.

I wondered if anybody else had a Wizard of Oz-flashback, or if it was just me. I watched that movie about a million times when I was a kid. (On a VHS recorded from my TV! Olden times!) (There was a laundry detergent commercial at the beginning, with a child in the most adorable Cowardly Lion costume. If you remember that, too… we need to talk.)

My favorite character was the Scarecrow, because he was totally handsome and loyal. But because I was too young to have a crush on him… I decided that I wanted to BE him?

Me, c. 1990. Dressed as the Scarecrow FTW.

I don’t usually post pictures of myself on the blog, but that’s an oldie. (Strangely, though, I look exactly the same.) (Minus the Scarecrow costume… I swear.)

You guys, I thought I WAS the Scarecrow. In preschool I used to dictate crazy stories from the Scarecrow’s POV. One of them involved eating my own limbs. You know, normal stuff. Adorable kid things.

But I digress. Back to “Big Brother.”

Come to think of it– there is an Oz-ian quality to the “Big Brother” house. The contestants are all transported to a strange land, governed by the rules of a remote, eccentric Wizard. (Julie Chen? The producers?) And the saboteur is the Wicked Witch. She locked up their food!

Another good moment was when the redhead fretted about the prospect of getting into a “showmance” with the saboteur. A- It’s hilarious that on this show, people have no illusions about a relationship lasting beyond the airdate. B- Who cares if you screw the saboteur? If anything, that’ll put you in his (or her) good graces… unless the sex is really bad.

There was also a really funny quote from one of the blondes about getting screwed over by a big wiener, but I didn’t write it down. Sorry!

Also: Didn’t realize that this show airs multiple days per week. I don’t know if I can slot it into my Sundays. Especially with “Mad Men” returning so soon! I saw a season 4 teaser trailer today, and there is so much nudity-from-behind. Way to get around the censors, AMC/Matt Weiner!

(PS Didn’t know until I spell-checked this post that the Jewish last name was spelled differently than the meat. Weiner/wiener. Add that to your book of knowledge.) (I guess this justifies all of the Weiners saying it’s pronounced WHY-ner, not WEE-ner.) (And if you pronounce it correctly, sounds like I’m calling them “whiners.” I can’t win!)


3 thoughts on “Oh Brother: BIG BROTHER’s Wizard of Oz Moment

  1. I came across your website while looking for that cowardly lion costume! I have a one and three year old and I’m trying to make them halloween costumes and I was looking for at least a picture to go by but I cannot find one. I remember that commercial so vividly! I always knew when I had kids I wanted to make it for them.

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