For work today I had to make a stop at Joan’s on Third, at approx 3rd and Orlando (a bit east of Orlando). I’d only been there once before (with Lauren!), c. 2006. They’ve expanded since then, and it’s a lovely place to sit and eat or grab a few exotic treats for later. I covertly snapped a few camera-phone pics as a waited for my order. (What a spy.)

Product of Sweden?

There were racks of delicious candy. I snapped this close-up of the Swedish fish because I found out today that Cole has never heard of them. How is this possible? I’m spreading the knowledge. (I also ate an individually wrapped Swedish fish from a candy dish that’s in the bathroom at my office… yeah, just one Swedish fish, individually wrapped. Weird.) (And candy in the bathroom is a little weird, too, come to think of it.)

The pear vinegar has slices of pear in it!

This pear vinegar almost looks like perfume, from the bottling… but please don’t wear vinegar as perfume. Not a good scent profile. Not what the mans are looking for. (Unless I’ve been misinformed.)

Love this action shot. Thanks, lady!

I only got a brief up-close look at the desserts, but they definitely had a cake with real strawberries and cream filling. I love when real slices of fruit are in the filling. None of that sticky syrup stuff for me! (Same goes for crepes!)


This goat cheese had wildflowers on top! Tres fancy. I’m a sucker for aesthetics.

I am definitely going to have to stop being so afraid of points west (although most of my Westside friends would say that Joan’s is way east… oh, LA). I’m always so sure that parking will be a nightmare, but I found a meter spot with ease.

And if Joan’s alone isn’t enough to pull me back, look what else is coming to the neighborhood…


I’ve heard so much about their cupcakes. This’ll save me a trip to NYC. (And there’s a NY-style pizza place next door…)

Well, that was fun and easy. And now I’m hungry.



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