Snack of the Afternoon, 6/16/10: POPCHIPS

Once you pop, the fun don't... damn you, Pringles!

Working at a new place means that there are some new snacks in the office kitchen. Which means new snacks for my repertoire. Finally!

Popchips look sorta like rice cakes on the packaging, but they’re thinner and more… potato-y. As you know, I’m not a food critic. I need to watch a lot more “Top Chef” and/or “Iron Chef” to even try to pretend. I hide behind the phrase “mouth-feel,” because it’s one of the few that I know.

Speaking of mouths and me being bullshitty at this, there’s an almost melt-in-your-mouth quality to to Popchips. I quite enjoy that.

And they are supposedly healthy? I’m a big skeptic (cynic?) about claims of healthfulness. But I’ll eat them. Because… let’s be real.

I also loaded up my bowl-o-snacks with some other favorites… Gold Fish, Rold Gold Pretzel Twists, and Ruffles Baked Lays. Lately when I come out of the room I’m compelled to eat salty snacks. I think it’s my body’s way of telling me… to procrastinate on organizing my notes. (I’m not the writers’ asst, but I play one on TV.)

Salty wonderful-ness.

Something is up with the light in my cubicle (yes, I have a cubicle… life just got a little more “The Office”), and every photo I take on my phone has an ethereal glow. [Edit: I realized that I hadn’t pulled the little plastic sheet off the camera… oh, new/refurbished phone. Oh silly me.] You can see that I have a different desk now… and my stylin’ gym earbuds, because in a cubicle everybody can hear you (and by “you” I mean, the clips and trailers you’re watching during lunch) scream.

A word about Gold Fish, which I should probably save for its own post but who knows if I’d ever write it. If you are my age (early 20s), I bet you can finish this: “I love fishes ’cause they’re…” So delicious. Easy, right? Or, “I am stuck on Band-Aid brands ’cause…” Germs don’t stick on me. Right?

I guarantee you that we know this because we were all watching “Hey Arnold!” on Nickelodeon or whatever.

It’s really easy to pinpoint how old somebody is by what commercials they remember and what childhood shows they watched. Every few years the field totally changes. Some of my former co-workers who were a few years older than me had never heard of “Hey Arnold!” when my same-age co-workers and I reminisced about it in great detail.

The exception is people with younger siblings. (I’m the oldest, and my youngest sib is five years younger. So I probably watched a lot more “Spongebob” than my fellows.) And other than the shows that my friends work on, I know almost zilch about what’s on Disney and Nick right now, or what the kids watch after school.

But… where was I?

Oh yeah. Popchips. Totally great TV-watching snack, I’m sure.



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