I know this is from Season 1, but it's new to me and I think it's hilarious.

Obviously I am the most negligent blogger ever. (And why is the word “negligent” so close to “neglige?” Is it because when you’re in a neglige, you’re neglecting to wear clothes?) And I’m SURE you know that “True Blood” Season 3 premieres tonight. But I wanted to give it a shoutout, because… remember my Season 2 recaps?

Each recap took me 8+ hours. Like seriously, I would vamp out and stay up all night after, writing furiously (and delightedly). That is probably not going to happen this season, because… just because. This blog isn’t my day job. And reading it isn’t YOUR day job. (I tried to pay people to read it. Didn’t work.) So that’s that.

But I’m going to try to write the occasional blurb about the shows that were blog-staples last summer (True Blood, Mad Men, So You Think You Can Dance…), because… ah, sweet memories.

I just don’t see myself doing the full-on recaps anymore. First of all… I’m saner now. Right? And watching each episode with a recap in mind kinda sucked the life out of me/the fun of watching… sorta like a vampire sucks on a neck. APPROPRIATE.

But yeah, I’ll be watching. And I’ll hopefully be writing. Just the highlights. Or maybe I’ll live-Tweet? Or maybe… none of the above! Keeping you on your feet.

OH, AND tonight is the Tony’s. And someone I KNOW is actually NOMINATED. How cool is that? So I’ll be watching that with bells on. And my fingers and toes crossed. Metaphorically.



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