Oatmeal: It’s Not Working Oat

I tried.

Over the years I have read countless blurbs that informed me that oatmeal is THE BEST FOOD YOU CAN POSSIBLY EAT. (Other than broccoli.)

Over the years I have attempted to eat oatmeal, and have found that it resembles/tastes like glue.

I have tried adding brown sugar, raisins… whatever, didn’t work. I have eaten oatmeal prepared for me by seasoned oatmeal experts. Still, I could not enjoy oatmeal.

And I am a very healthy person. I love salad. I love fruits and veggies. I usually eat the weird little chunks of tofu in my miso soup. (But I can’t do brussels sprouts. Let’s save that for another time.)

But I just can’t do oatmeal.

My best friend loves oatmeal (and his trainer highly endorses it). My roommate just bought a giant, 110-serving Quaker Oats silo. I thought, maybe I should give it One Last Try.

At my new workplace, there was low-sugar oatmeal in the kitchen. Maple & Brown Sugar. Sounds good, right? I added raisins (plundered from a nearby cereal box…).

The raisins were good. Every bite that had a raisin in it was a-okay. But after I finished off those buried treasures… I couldn’t finish the rest.

Several people have suggested add-ins that would make the oatmeal more palatable. Butter, milk, brown sugar, raisins, bananas, nuts, etc etc. But… once you load in all that tasty stuff, doesn’t that sorta negate the super-healthy factor? I might as well eat a Tofutti cutie.

And I did eat a Tofutti. Pre-breakfast. I’m such a hobbit. But whatever. Ice cream sandwiches are the REAL breakfast of champions.

And despite another oatmeal setback, I’ll probably try again next week. There are still two other flavors in the box that I haven’t tried yet. And it’s so healthy. Apparently. It’s the holy grail of foods, right? (I will be searching for… how to eat it… forever.)

I can’t wait to face the disappointment, yet again. I may not enjoy the oatmeal, but I feel like a hero for trying.

Never give up, never surrender.



One thought on “Oatmeal: It’s Not Working Oat

  1. I’m totally the same way with oatmeal. I won’t eat it for awhile and then it starts sounding like a good idea…but once I try it again, yuck! It’s too heavy in your stomach, like you swallowed a lead weight. And I think it’s pretty hyped up. I don’t think it is as healthy as the commercials would want you to think.

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