And My New Favorite Grocery Store Hummus (For Now) Is…

Winner winner, shish kabob dinner.

My mom sent me that picture on her cell phone, you guys. So now you see that my… whatever this is… is genetic. She was showing me that she actually listens to my recommendations. Thanks, Ma.

I’m not going to pretend that Trader Joe’s Mediterranean Hummus is some big secret that I discovered via a series of dangerous adventures, Indiana Jones-style. There are a whole lot of varieties of hummus at Trader Joe’s, and I just picked up the one that said, “our best seller.”

And then I went to Vons and bought a container of Sabra for back-up. Unnecessarily.

Speaking of other dips I like, my roommate and I actually MADE guacamole yesterday. We just mashed up avocados and added some Pace salsa and garlic salt. It was good. I forgot to take a picture. Next time I might add a salsa with more substantial tomato chunks. More of a pico de gallo, if you will.

In TV news, “So You Think You Can Dance” is back. I fell off the band wagon during the fall season, because– let’s be real, it’s hard to keep up with a show like that when so many great scripted shows are competing with it. But summer is a more barren time in weeknight TV. I’m much more likely to devote two hours to the dancers.

Also, there are a bunch of new rules spicing up the competition this year. The new dancers are going to be paired with “All Stars,” in rotation.  So a shitty dancer can’t just keep getting ahead because his/her partner is awesome. Also, they banged out like four cities in Thursday night’s first audition show, and kept things moving. I approve.

Many of the shows that I wrote about with such insane detail when I started this blog last summer are finally returning to us. Namely– “True Blood.” Now, “Vampire Diaries” ended up filling the vampire void (let’s be real– I was obsessed), but I’m still VERY excited for TB season 3. My heart has room for many vampires!

Isn’t it hilarious that the acronyms for the two vampire shows on TV are TB and VD? Very old-timey disease-y. (I guess technically the latter is TVD, but that’s not nearly as hilarious.) I want to create a vampire show with the acronym STD (or is it STI now?) or OBGYN or something. Coming this fall: “Heather’s Inner Vampire.” (Too much?)

But yeah, those recaps were not exactly conducive to having a day job. I was keeping vampire hours to get them finished. And… people get paid to post that type of dissertation on other sites. But that doesn’t mean I won’t chime in with my own “holy shits!” or theories.

I am also lucky enough to be working (as of very recently) on one of the shows I’ve blogged in the past. So I will not be discussing it in quite the same way as I did before, for a host of obvious reasons. I mean, the “holy shit” factor that goes into blogging about TV episodes will be a bit diminished on my end, since I will have known the spoilers for months by the time they’re shocking everybody else.

Okay. Whew. Another entry down. This blog is not dead yet!



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