Snack Trek: The Quest for the Best Guacamole in LA

Nobody's going to read this. The guacamole is transfixing.

Last summer I was all about finding the best curly fries in LA. But let’s face it– that search has not gone so swimmingly. I think I tried three places. I never even made it to Arby’s (probably for the best).

Today there was watermelon in the commissary. And I’m wearing a dress and NOT freezing. It finally seems like summer is approaching. Yay! (I know, I know– I live in LA, but LA-winter is still winter to us.)

Now, I’m going to be real– I’m obsessed with avocado and guacamole all year long. I will order a mediocre-sounding salad over an amazing-sounding salad if the former has avocado in it. But there’s something about summer that makes me want a super-fresh batch of guacamole with an extra-lemony zing to it, even more so than usual. Guacamole is chill food. It’s get-out-of-the-pool, life’s-a-party, I’m-on-vacation food.

Pedestrian as it may sound, I’m a big fan of the chips and guac at Chipotle. It maybe be fast foodish and a little bit salty, but… I’m a big fan. (And I don’t usually order guac at sit-down restaurants because it’s so freaking expensive.)

So tell me, loyal readers– where can I go for the best guacamole? Or– better yet– what are your favorite guacamole recipes? (Any recipe that has sour cream as its base is out of the running! I’m all about the avocado.)

Blogging about food, I will often to a quick Google image search. There were quite a few professional-looking pictures of guacamole. Whoever is styling these sexy pictures of guacamole… your job is awesome.

There are a surprising number of mortar and pestle guac shots.




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