LOST & The Cupcake Sandwich

Thanks, Google Images.

You may recall my post-Easter blog about people who eat their cupcakes in an unusual manner. Nobody cared. The world did not spin off its axis.

But NOW Jorge Garcia (Hurley on “Lost”) has blogged about this phenomenon, known (I guess) as a “cupcake sandwich,” and people are all over this shit!

I broke this story. I want you all to remember this when Jorge Garcia is famous and I am toiling in obscurity. Oh wait. That is… already the case.

Carry on.

Actually, no hard feelings at all because I think Jorge is awesome (just watched his tour-of-the-island-locations LA Times video today) and I’ll be watching “Lost” tonight, for sure. You should check out his blog, because he has step-by-step pictures of how to turn a regular cupcake into a cupcake sandwich. PROPS. (Double props, because he learned this from the props guy.)



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