Snack of the Afternoon: HUMMUS, ETC.

The "etc" is carrots, pita and a spoon. Yum, spoon.

Whole wheat pita, carrots, hummus. This is the kind of snack that my mother and/or Jamie Oliver would approve of. (I am not watching his “Food Revolution” show, but I know that the message is something something don’t eat pizza for breakfast.)

"Something something don't eat fried foods for lunch." -Jamie Oliver

My favorite hummus at the mo’ is Sabra’s Classic Hummus. I’m a simple gal with simple hummus needs.

Ohhh, but when I was typing “pita” my finger slid and I typed “pitz,” which made me think of Spitz. What is Spitz, you ask? Just the kabob house in Eagle Rock and/or Little Tokyo that always brings so, so much joy to me and Lauren when she visits LA (and/or when we lived together). Visit me, Lauren! We need to go to Spitz and eat sweet potato fries! Or fried pita with hummus!

Found this on Google images. Must go back and take my own pics.

If that were my picture, that salad would totally be replaced with sweet potato fries.

Sorry, Jamie Oliver.

Happy Friday, everybody. Have a delicious weekend!



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