Snack of the Afternoon, 4/14/10: CAKE BALLS!

Sweet dreams are made of this.

There’s something about our interns this season. They really love to bake, and to bestow us with the fruits of their baking labors.

When Intern Bea told me that she couldn’t watch “Glee” last night because she was too busy making cake balls, my first reaction was– well, glee. I mean, I thought “whoopie pie” was a hilarious name for a dessert, but “cake balls” leaves “whoopie pie” in the dust.

What, you might ask, are cake balls made of? Here’s a quick note to explain…

Please give these cake balls a loving home... in your mouth.

So it’s Funfetti cake, smashed up with cream cheese frosting, frozen into balls, and dipped in chocolate. Oh, and topped with sprinkles. Yeah, I had to try these. But only for the sake of the blog. Yeah.

OH YEAH: SIDE NOTE. Bea got this recipe from a website called Bakerella. When I went to the site, I found a WHOLE SECTION FOR CAKE BALLS. Until this morning, I had never even HEARD of cake balls. It’s like I was living under a rock. Mind blown! Paradigm shifted! And seriously: Why balls? Why not, say… cake BITES? Cake… wads? No.

Here’s an inside view, because I know you want to see the Funfetti of it all.


Yes, I am an investigatory blog-journalist, thanks for noticing. (I want to point out how moist the cake balls look… usually I avoid saying “moist,” but obviously this post is going to be stuffed with awkward turns of phrase.) (See what I did there?)

But all jokes aside, the cake balls were good. I ate half of what you see in that last pic (they look larger in the picture than they do in real life– HEY-O!), and gave the rest to Whitney. So now she can read this post while eating a cake ball. INTERACTIVE! (JEALOUS?!)

If you are a maker of cake balls, an eater of cake balls, or have more light to shed on this subject, keep me posted. After all, I am an amateur cake/frosting/cupcake anthropologist.



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