More Frosting-Related Curios…

The curious case of whatever's-going-on-here.

Several weeks ago I blogged about cupcakes, and mentioned that I am not a fan of frosting. Commenter Tim called me a heretic, chiding that “frosting is the point of cupcakes.”

Here is a post for people who agree with Tim. I wouldn’t EAT what I’m about to tell you about, but I found it very intriguing.

Yesterday at the afore-blogged Easter gathering, Whitney (pictured) served up a delightful tray of cupcakes, topped with a very spring-has-sprung array of pastel frostings. Unfortunately (but also–luckily) I could not partake (because… Passover), but as I watched Whitney prepare to consume her cupcake, her ritual fascinated me.

Step 1- Remove wrapper.

Step 2- Twist the cupcake so as to sever the top (the Muffin Top?) from the bottom.

Step 3- Put the bottom of the cupcake ON TOP of the frosting, creating what looks like an ice cream sandwich– made of frosting.

Apparently this keeps the frosting from hitting your nose as you eat the cupcake? Because everyone knows that nose-frosting is a MAJOR party foul.


Much later, another party guest (Ash) did the exact same thing, without having seen Whitney’s behavior. Ash claims to be the inventor of the… whatever this phenomenon is called.

And I am now a burgeoning cupcake anthropologist.

Send me your cupcake/frosting curios! I need to document this behavior, for posterity’s sake. (Because in the future, people won’t know how to eat cupcakes?)



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