Snack of the Afternoon, 3/25/10: PLUMS

So sweet and so cold.

This is just to say… I ate plums today! I haven’t eaten a plum in a long time. I was really excited. (Don’t mistake me for a snacking saint, though– I ate chocolate and other crap-ola too. But the plums were the biggest food treat to enter my hum drum life today.)

Those lovely lilacs in the plum photo? Gifted to me (via set dec) by my friend & co-worker, Whitney. She knows that I’m all about purple. (I’m wearing purple and green today, so I’m actually camouflaged behind the flowers. Nobody can see me!)

You may recall that in my pre-2010 life, I was all about snacking on the Pringles. I would eat 2 or 3 of the hundred calorie Pringle packs a day. I can see the repercussions of my post-holidays choice to break up with the Pringles every time I open the snack cabinet.

Exhibit P.

That’s visual evidence of how my Pringles abstinence has rocked the office food chain. Now the Pringles are running wild! I call it “fatty evidence.” Fatty being a noun. As in, me. All of that would have been in my stomach!

Everything ELSE is still in my stomach, but not the Pringles. Not since December-ish.

Okay, it really needs to be Friday now.



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