March Madness? More Like March SADNESS!

My bracket is dead.

Hey everybody. I was really enjoying March Madness. But I picked Kansas to win it all. And Kansas just lost in the second round. Oddly, I’m still tied for 17th in my office pool (out of about 76 brackets–with lots of ties). I think Kansas screwed almost everybody.

In my defense, I didn’t really know anything about any of the teams. I picked my bracket based on a few online sources, and the advice of a NCAA-savvy co-worker. (HIS bracket is still doing great… I guess that’s what you get for actually knowing the teams. Nerd.) (Sports nerd? Is that a thing? Is that an oxymoron?) (Not since the internet started.)

While watching the St. Mary’s/Villanova game this morning (that was not helpful to my bracket, either–thanks a LOT, Villanova), I became fascinated with this kid, Matthew Dellavedova (GREAT name). He’s Australian! He looks like he’s twelve! I don’t know why St. Mary’s (the GAELS, what?) has so many Australians, but I really wanted to hear them talk so I could verify their Aussie-ness. Oi!

Throw another basketball on the barbie.

Throughout this morning’s game, Matthew was adorably spazzy. My co-watchers and I could not figure out what was up with the gaping blackness in his mouth. One conjecture: “Maybe he’s missing part of his jaw? Or has fucked-up teeth?”

But at the VERY end of his game, he finally took out his mouthguard. And– OH MY DUH. It was just a black and white mouth guard. For maximum intimidation? Who knows.


I think he also had red shoes? Oh, Matthew.

But this isn’t a sports blog. So now that I’m a little bit depressed because my top picks are falling left and right, I’ve switched over to watching “Biggest Loser” on the DVR. (Speaking of athletes, right?)

Since I last watched, Daris’ mom was eliminated. He gave a kinda creepy/romantic interview, where he said that he misses his mom because she’s the first person he sees when he wakes up and the last person he sees before he goes to sleep. Um… excuse me? Is this just a roommates-on-the-ranch thing? Or does Daris DEARLY need to move out of his parents’ house?

Um, now a bunch of men are having a spa day. And a bunch of women (and Sam) are cleaning and barfing. I missed a lot of barfing from that blonde girl (Ashley), while I was away.

Where's my barf bucket?!

Except, I didn’t MISS it. I wish I could unsee Ashley’s gag-and-barf montage. At least, I wish I hadn’t been eating while I watched it. Although… it was comical montage, overall. (Was it MEANT to be comical?)

Okay… that’s about it. I think next week is the makeover episode. Wahoo.



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