Here’s A Snack for the St. Patrick’s Day Revelers

It's so elusive, it hides behind foliage.

For shame! I am pointing my finger at myself when I say that. Because this hasn’t exactly been a daily binge lately. More like a fortnightly binge. That’s a mouthful. (That’s what she said.) (I have to say that, to show you that I know that you know.)

I’m sitting here feeling guilty, especially because my beloved long-term ex-roommate Lauren (and that is not a euphemism for girlfriend, although we were on our way to being common-law spouses– maybe, I don’t know how laws work) just started a wonderful blog, Lauren Elise Crafted. I have been the recipient of several of her crafts, and… I’m not worthy. I mean, look at my shambles of a blog.

Anyway, enough about me. (Ha… you realize this is a blog, right?) Several months ago I was chatting with a group of newly-met people (actually, I think this was at Rachel’s birthday party, at Buffalo Wild Wings… that place was a trip), and several people spoke of the amazing and elusive Shamrock shake.

“What is this Shamrock shake you speak of?!” I exclaimed, because suddenly I was a character in an olde-timey novel. “Egads!” I was informed that it is a very special minty milkshake that’s on the McDonald’s menu for an unspecified amount of time, generally in March (oh yeah, happy St. Patrick’s Day… it’s not really a huge deal here– don’t move to LA if you can’t handle the St. Patrick’s Day truth… move to Chicago).

So… the Shamrock shake is the liquid version of the McRib? I don’t know what’s up with McDonald’s. Give the people what they want! (They don’t want you to get too comfortable, thinking you know what you can find on their menu.)

The bottom line is, people really love this shake. There is even a Find the Shake website, where people can report sightings. This is the Bigfoot/yeti of milkshakes. I am intrigued by the cult status of this shake (and I can’t believe I didn’t hear about it sooner), though honestly I’m not really interested in finding/drinking one. Similarly, I am not interested in meeting Bigfoot. I saw HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS. I know what happens when you try to integrate an elusive and/or mythical creature into your family. Grab a tissue, it’s a sad story.

But the Shamrock shake just wants to integrate into your stomach. And maybe turn your tongue green? I need to send an operative into the field. (Or just leave a comment– please wax as poetic as possible.)



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