Snack of the Afternoon, 3/1/10: TRADER JOE’S CRUNCHY CURLS

Feast your eyes. (Have I used that before?)

Did everybody have a good weekend? Can we agree that it was a good weekend? No? Well, can we agree that February is over? Well, I don’t care if you disagree on this one. You’re wrong.

You may recall that I enjoy curly, potato-based foods. These snacks are crunchy, vegan, gluten free, made of potatoes and lentils, and not greasy. So… win-win.

They’d probably be great with a bit of ketchup, but that’s my blanket opinion when it comes to potato-related foodstuffs. I’ll refrain from applying ketchup here at work. Don’t want to gross anybody out. Not on a Monday.

I have nothing more to say. They’re good. They don’t make me feel sick. (Glowing endorsement.) Check them out. I’m not a freakin’ food writer. (I’m really shooting myself in the foot here, considering that half of this blog is about food.)

Also, your experience will be enhanced if you eat crunchy curls (or anything) while listening to Mother Mother’s “O My Heart.” But I’m not going to pontificate, because I’m not a freakin’ music reviewer either.



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