I Have What It Takes?: Yeah, I’m Still Watching LOST

Sorry, “Biggest Loser.” I’m sure I’ll be back on Makeover Week.

You may remember that I very much enjoyed watching “Lost” with a group when it premiered. Well, I am continuing to watch “Lost” in a social context. (The Isla Vista Social Club?) Here’s a picture of us at last night’s gathering.


Psych! Just kidding. But that’s how it might look, in a sideways reality.

I’m not going to waste my breath recapping “Lost,” because that is the WHOLE INTERNET’S JOB. Seriously.

But I’ll help direct you to the recap that I would aspire to write, were I writing one. Here is a link to the Videogum review (lots of pictures!), which was appropriately hilarious. I like when they add thoughts to the screengrabs. (Just go look.)

I also have a theory/guess/observation. (Spoiler alert?) You know how the temple’s Jacuzzi of Healing has funky brown water? And how it infected Sayid with Smoke Monster (TM) disease? (Maybe.) So… maybe there’s Smoke Monster in the water? And that’s why it turned dark? That is just a stab at the start of a theory. I’m sure somebody else has already written a dissertation on it, and is now teaching Theory of Lost at Fordham. I’m just an amateur. But yeah. I can take that idea to Professor Lost’s office hours, and spin it into a thesis statement for my final paper.

Related: If Jacob wanted Sayid to get healed at the temple, he totally KNEW that Sayid would get “claimed” by the Smoke Monster. So… what’s that all about, Jacob? (Wouldn’t it be great to get a JACOB episode? I mean, I’m really pumped for the Richard one. And maybe the Jacob one was the one where we saw him all up in everybody’s lives? Discuss.)

Also: Jack’s (spoiler alert?) piano-playing son? I really, really disliked that kid. And I don’t believe that he is a virtuoso. That is all. (All piano playing and no… father love? made Jack have a dull boy.)


PS I still haven’t watched one episode from seasons 1-5. All in due time, I guess…


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